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Aug 6 RVPMB commented on The Children of Mass Transit: Seattle Has Lots of Growing to Do.
To be fair the transit planners did a shit job in selecting these trains, which have no overhead storage, no luggage racks, and very little clearance between or under seats for anything, let alone luggage. And these are trains intended to serve the airport. Ridiculous. It's not this woman's fault there is nowhere else to put luggage on the way to or from the airport.
May 27 RVPMB commented on I'm Afraid That X-Men: Days of Future Past Has a Lot in Common with J. J. Abrams' Star Trek Reboot.
The cast and director phoned it in. It wasn't horrible, it just wasn't special.
May 9 RVPMB commented on The Morning News: New Skyscraper Downtown, Bumbershoot's Lineup, and Jerry Manning's Memorial.
Is it just me, or does the new tower look like a giant, high-soled, mirror-balled, drag queen boot?
May 7 RVPMB commented on Subway Leads the Pack...When It Comes to Underpaying Workers.
They might be shitty to employees, but the food just isn't that bad compared to most fast food.
Apr 4 RVPMB commented on Beacon Hill Greenbelt Proposal Pits Social Justice Cyclists Against Environmentalists.
Converting green space to muddy bike tracks is not restoration, even if it contains activities which are called "restoration."
Apr 4 RVPMB commented on Beacon Hill Greenbelt Proposal Pits Social Justice Cyclists Against Environmentalists.
@18: The volunteers are probably good hearted people. But there is no guarantee that the trail users will be, based on my experience with cyclists in this city. Regardless of the inherent goodness or lack thereof of the volunteers and trail users, transforming a green space into a recreational space is what I am against. It already has a use: green space. Turning it into a bike track is not compatible with that use. At all. And why turn a green space which is beneficial to the entire city into a single purpose use for a handful of mountain bikers? That's hardly reasonable or equitable. Our few remaining fragments of urban nature don't need to be exploited just so a few people can get their kicks tearing the hillside into a muddy rut.
Apr 4 RVPMB commented on Beacon Hill Greenbelt Proposal Pits Social Justice Cyclists Against Environmentalists.
Cyclists already ignore rules, safety and courtesy city-wide, making it hazardous for cars on the road and pedestrians walking on the sidewalk alike. Now they want to take over parks and nature, too. Screw 'em. Leave the greenbelt to nature and lower impact uses. It's a greenbelt, not a racetrack. It's a place for nature and quiet, not a place for assholes on expensive bikes to rip up the hillside, off-road over plants, disturb wildlife habitat, and mow down any pedestrians who happen by.
Mar 24 RVPMB commented on The Good Wife Was Completely Shocking Last Night.
The tension between Alicia and Will - first romantic, then adversarial competitors - has been the spine of this show. It's hard to imagine how the show survives such a shocking turn, but it will be exciting to find out. It really is one of the best shows on TV currently.
Mar 11 RVPMB commented on Man Second Amendments Best Friend to Death.
The headline - and therefore the mindset - is even wrong in the linked article. "Man Accidentally Shoots Best Friend" should read "Man Negligently Shoots Best Friend" or "Man Needlessly Shoots Best Friend."
Feb 17 RVPMB commented on A Florida Artist Charged for Deliberately Dropping a Vase Made by the Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei.
It is shameful that society should value a vase at that amount when the real value of a K-cup is still in question. The vandal did society a favor in reminding us about not only overpriced vases, but also our priorities (convenient single serving coffee). Also: The vases are ugly.

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