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Jan 29, 2016 daftande commented on The Rise of Seattle Hiphop.
Yea #4 said it but I have to say whats up with NO MENTION of Mad Rad, Fresh Espresso, Champagne Champagne & Metal Chocolates!!!!!!!!???!?!?!?!?!?
Nov 10, 2015 daftande commented on Small Businesses Face "Internet Dead Zone" in Sodo After Sprint Shutters Wireless Network.
@6 They added that after I posted the info
Nov 9, 2015 daftande commented on Small Businesses Face "Internet Dead Zone" in SODO After Sprint Shutters Wireless Network.
Bad article, sprint decided not to shut down that network after all. http://voqal.org/news/pressroom/sprint-s…
May 27, 2015 daftande commented on Sasquatch Festival: 4 Days of Music, Heat, and Crowd-Friendly Mayhem.
How did you completely miss Madeon and Hot Chip stranger?
Dec 18, 2014 daftande commented on Quality Women of Good Will.
GREAT ARTICLE SEAN!!!! As an employee of the Harvard Exit for over 9 years I am extremely sad to see us close after all these amazing years. We will miss you all!! PS Pretty sure Ive sold you a few small diets + small popcorns over the years Sean. :)
Dec 4, 2014 daftande commented on I Quit My Job at the Harvard Exit Three Weeks Ago After Working There For Seven Years. I Just Learned It’s Closing. I Will Miss It..
God I'll miss the Harvard exit!

Great article Sarah.

(Former employee of 9 years)
Jun 17, 2013 daftande commented on Seattle Central Community College Confirms That the Egyptian Is Closing at the End of the Month.
Wow so the shady truth has surfaced a little...
"A spokesperson for the school said they had no plans to raise the rent and would have loved to see Landmark renew its lease." (This is on the KING5 story btw)
The Seattle side of Landmark is amazing and there are a lot of extremely hard working individuals. However as mentioned previously, the corporate side of Landmark in Los Angeles just fails to understand the Seattle film market. Not only are they closing this theatre abruptly, but the last midnight for The Dark Crystal was fully cancelled after it was listed online and even on paper fliers citywide.

I will never forget coming to Capitol Hill for the first time that I can remember to see "12 Monkeys" with my mom at the Egyptian. RIP
Feb 4, 2013 daftande commented on Sasquatch! 2013: The Line-Up.
Tame Impala ?
Mar 10, 2012 daftande commented on Never Heard of 'Em: The Avalanches.
Epic album.
You should mention they will be dropping their 2nd album after 12 years this year.
Jan 29, 2012 daftande commented on Midnight Haiku.
Don't waste water.