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Aug 31, 2011 ArtWriter commented on Deeply Embarrassed White People Talk Awkwardly About Race.
@Tricky. Obviously, after reading this article, and as someone who knows Jen professionally, she is far from putting on act or falsely trying to be edgy or avant garde. She is being honest here and trying to address something that goes unsaid and unspoken. We all claim to be non-racist, but plop a white girl like me in the middle of a black neighborhood in Philadelphia and honestly, I'm a bit uncomfortable and unsure and the people around me are looking at me oddly. There is a lot unsaid there. That said, we can only talk about and experience art from our own perspective. A white person will interpret Sean Johnson or Glen Ligon differently than a black person. A man will interpret differently than a woman, an Asian differently than a Muslim. And since we cannot force our reactions to interact without intentionally filling a room with diverse students, we can only attempt to empathize. And that, I believe is at the heart of this essay. Can we truly empathize or is that also a form of racism? Great stuff as always, Jen! You know hit a nerve when the commenting begins!
Dec 11, 2009 ArtWriter commented on What's a Front Door to Do?.
Only in the automobile centric West do we have a museum that is entered primarily from a parking garage that no one considered! I'm sure MCA Denver would love to have a parking garage as parking is a huge challenge for the museum, in spit of its doorless entry.

I think the entrance is a challenge for new museum structures. The newish Hamilton Building of the Denver Art Museum has always seemed odd to me. You walk into this empty, unused lobby space. It was particularly unfriendly during the past year as the front doors were covered in scaffolding so they could repair water damage to the roof. Interestingly, during the current Embrace! exhibition, one of the artists took over the gift shop and they moved the gift shop into the empty lobby space. It actually works better having something there once inside.

SITE Santa Fe on the other hand has a basic street level door. The addition of Railyard Park surrounding the building makes the entrance more welcoming.

We should collect a series of museum entryway images and create a slideshow to accompany your article!

Aug 24, 2009 ArtWriter commented on Dear Yoko: This Is an Intervention.

Isn't the overarching issue here the line between conceptual art and the market or institution? In other words, conceptual art is about an idea, not an object. I look forward to Ono's reply because the idea that Amanda Mae is suggesting has to do with the role of museum curator (remember all our fun experiences during the NEA IAJI)? In the end, I've never quite been able to grasp the idea of art wholly and purely as concept, because museums collect and display and galleries sell. Every scrap of paper is now a part of this art and Mae's response is equally a part of the art. It is no longer just a concept but an object. There's a reason artists like Donald Judd took matters into their own hands and created their own personal spaces--interference from curators and museums.

Leanne Goebel