Nov 10 In2ishn commented on New Column!.
@1and 2--satire, it's a thing. Brilliantly done right here
@3 another addition to your unreadable fungible comment collection
Sep 25, 2015 In2ishn commented on Awesome Welcome Home Hate Mail.
Homophobes hate homonyms.
Feb 24, 2015 In2ishn commented on My Philosophy.
12 and 22 say things not said enough.
Beyoncé has grown up big and strong and she can fight her own battles. Kanye may be speaking truth, maybe, but he's inserting himself where he isn't needed and targeting the wrong issue
Feb 24, 2015 In2ishn commented on Today in Postapocalyptic Bowling.
"The Last Man On Earth" with Vincent Price was the first film to touch my (then) young and inexperienced heart
Jan 18, 2015 In2ishn commented on Returning Column!.
@4 I'm not sure "dickless" is the pejorative you want here.
Pro-tip: it never is, really.
Dec 30, 2014 In2ishn commented on I, Anonymous.
I thought this was amusing. Nothing wrong with knowing what one wants and being OK with one's self. I thought most of us were for those values.
Dec 20, 2014 In2ishn commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Thank-You Note (And Bonus Thank-You Pic).
Snickers satisfies
Aug 28, 2014 In2ishn commented on Seattle's Brand-New Bike Share Program Welcomes Its First Members.
We have had a successful and growing bike share program in the Twin Cities for the past several years. The first season saw the loss of a single bike. Over the past years the program, which definitely started out in high density (population and $) areas has expanded to a much greater diversity of neighborhoods. The initial 30 minute limit before additional charges accrue has been lengthened to 60 minutes for annual pass holders. All this is due to the immense popularity of the program. IMNSHO the lynchpin of the program is the app that shows real time availability of bikes AND empty spaces to ride them to.

The bikes are hardly racers with a mere three gears that keep speeds down but allow the weaker bikers to conquer hills (we do have a few here in the Midwest) but they are easy to handle. A couple years ago the program even sponsored a free helmet day.

Good luck Seattle, I think you're going to like them
Aug 25, 2014 In2ishn commented on Henry Rollins Apologizes for His Comments on Suicide.
I, too was shocked and very sadly put off of Henry when I read his first column.

But these two apologies tell me he is the man I have respected, both for his music and his musings, for decades. Yes, I'm surprised he was so out of touch with how depression and suicide are now, thankfully, being viewed. But he demonstrated not only his capacity but his eagerness to learn. His commitment to being a good human being remains.

I don't always agree with him. Now I can respect him without hesitation again.