Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Sep 22 LMcGuff commented on I Am Leaving The Stranger, Everybody!.
I liked your writing and will miss it.

But "leaving to pursue freelance projects" sounds a little too much like the politician "retiring to spend time with the family."

Just another sign of the decline of the Stranger from alternative news weekly to cheap bar rag.
Sep 22 LMcGuff commented on The Morning News: Masked Intruders Break into Burien Home, Seahawk Proposes Marriage.
@4: The morning news was killed off a few weeks ago, with no announcement or explanation. It's another step in the slide from the Stranger being an alternative news weekly to a bar rag.
Sep 16 LMcGuff commented on The Morning News: Coyote Sightings in Ballard, and What Amazon Gets for Building a Data Center.
I saw the coyote heading into a park I volunteer at. I hope it's eating mountain beavers and rats.
Sep 15 LMcGuff commented on Guest Editorial: To Fix Washington State's Problems, We Need Real Talk on Taxes.
I-1098 failed because people like Balmer and Bezos were willing to spend a few hundred thousand to avoid the millions in taxes they'd have had to pay. When I was gathering signatures for it, it was an easy sell. It lost the same way most progressive initiatives have, by a few wealthy people or interests buying the result.
Sep 12 LMcGuff commented on Gimme Your F*cking Fair Hair: The Fashion of the Washington State Fair in Puyallup.
My favorite is the cowboy hats 'n' nut bars. Americana!
Sep 11 LMcGuff commented on How Do You Pronounce “Godot,” Anyway?.
The National Lampoon Radio Hour (see above) is my favorite. Sorry, I got overeager to share and clicked post too soon.
Sep 8 LMcGuff commented on The Morning News: Mars Hill Church Shrinks, Boeing Is Growing, and Second Avenue Bike Lane Opens Today.
#3: Nice dodge on the "what happened to the weekend morning news" question. If Ansel Herz is or was sick, my sympathies. If the weekend morning news has been cancelled, that's important to know.
Sep 3 LMcGuff commented on Photo of the Week: Bumbershoot (or Beatlemania!).
Vulgar ambassador here.

Seems legit.

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