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ferret is fighting the demons of chlorine.
in the past few hours ferret commented on Indiana Governor Signs Bill Legalizing Anti-LGBT Discrimination.
I do feel even with the Hobby Lobby court case, that these "religious freedom" laws will be struck down. It may take some years, but First Amendment is pretty clear about separation of church v. state, and these laws are a violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

The Bible sanctions Slavery, (one reason why the South clung on to Slavery, "See, slavery is validated by the Bible" .. One can't turned someone that is legal or against an anti discrimination law.

The thing I don't understand about this whole anti gay wedding cake or gay wedding photography idiocy, why turn down a very lucrative gig?!? Weddings are premium jobs! I joke with my girlfriend that if we get married, we are going to order a birthday cake for a child's birthday party because it is so much cheaper. I don't understand why any wedding industry professional would turn down any wedding given they are very lucrative, wedding parties pay top dollar for a few hours of work..
I guess if I were a wedding industry professional, I would be honored to be asked by a LGBT couple to work for their wedding,

Mar 12 ferret commented on Disneyland Found My $4.99 Earrings Threatening, but They Let Unvaccinated Children Run Wild.
This article is a mess. You have two way different narratives. The back and forth between your earrings and measles makes it difficult to follow, or try to understand your point. It is better just to make a quick statement about the earrings and go on about Know Nothings anti science crowd/Anti Vaxers..

Edit this, get to the ponts you want to make in your paragraphs shorter,a nd stop rambling..
Mar 9 ferret commented on John Oliver Asks: How Is Daylight Saving Time Still a Thing?.
I thought Ben Frankllln had a hand in Daylight Savings Time? Hanging out in Swingers Club (whatever the Hellfire's Club was when he was a member )and pushing Daylight Savings Time.. That is no correlation, it is obviously correlation..
Mar 4 ferret commented on Ben Carson: Being Gay Is a Choice and Prison Proves It.
@37 I would add 4) Dr. Carson is being very disengenuous..

Dr. Carson doesn't care about being right, he wants to appease the very large hate wing of the Republican Party by tossing the usual "Homosexuality is a choise" talking point as a hush puppy to the Psychotic/Crazy wing of the Republican Party..

What Dr. Carson will find out, the Psychotic/Crazy wing of the Republican Party hates African Americans as much as they hate LGBT community..
Mar 4 ferret commented on Ben Carson: Being Gay Is a Choice and Prison Proves It.
@6 To get through the eleven years of medical school, residency, and post residency. Neurosurgeons tend to come across as all knowing, and many have a pretty high opinion about themselves..

Dr. Carson, is probably not looking at his statements as truth, as much he is stating nonsense to out crazy his opponents to get the crazy wing of the Republican Party that weighs heavily in the GOP Presidential primaries...

Besides, if Neurosurgeons are just hearing stuff only in a right wing vaccum, they are not going to be questioning it.. Much like I was in South Carolina, recently, and all the Plasma TVs were turned to one Cable Tv station: Fox News, the campaign channel for the Republican Party..

I met a couple neurosurgeons, most are very brilliant, but also incredibly arrogant, which one needs to survive 11 years of 24-7 training..
Mar 3 ferret commented on Jokey Tweet Outrages Right-Wing Christians Because Of Course It Does.
@15 I don't think the joke was insensitive. The joke was funny and ironic...Given the Catholic Church has been obsessed with PR since the Counter Reformation...

What is not funny is that Diocese across the world and the Church Hierarchy covered up sexual abuse by Priests in the Catholic Church for DECADES, and they are still covering up, or sending their attack poodles like Bill Donahue, (the divorced Catholic) blaming the gays for sex abuse coverups. It is all the gays fault, is a big spin by the Catholic Church and its lackies..

Mar 2 ferret commented on Anti-Gay Bigots Discover Surprising New Cure for Homosexuality.
I need some luggage grips to lift my luggage, so I don't have to look at rentboy.com on line for luggage lifters...

Myabe Ted Haggard getting Colorado Rockies tickets, would had helped him not smoking meth and playing catcher...

These Benham twins are weird dudes. They are going all out to stop the Charlotte LGBT ordinance right now..
Feb 24 ferret commented on Bill O'Reilly Threatens NYT Reporter.
I think the only way that Bill O'Reilly can get fired is that he personally poisons Geritol bottles, and shorts Prune Juice ("Dried Plumes) futures. Maybe throttles the head of AARP live on the air on his show..

It is going to be tough to fire Papa Bear...
Feb 23 ferret commented on Australian Judge: Polyamory Not a Sexual Orientation.
I think a better case would be a violation of the right of privacy, if there is some privacy protection in Australia.
Feb 19 ferret commented on Judge: Florist Who Refused to Sell Flowers to Gay Couple Broke the Law.
@15, well if you know many gay friendly business in Pasco and other communities on the Eastside of the Cascade Curtain, where the LGBT community is even more of a minority than other places..

I am more in favour that Civil Rights Laws are enforced statewide and nationally..


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