North Seattle
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May 14 camlux commented on Why Is Jean Godden Running for Another Term on the City Council? She Doesn't Seem to Know..
I think she is needed back at the P-I, writing about humorous license plates.
Apr 21 camlux commented on Hey, Howard Wright, Wondering if You Voted in Seattle in 2013? You Didn't..
Maybe he's awaiting his invitation to Seattle's House of Lords, because seeking office isn't seemly, yet accepting office out of a sense of noblesse oblige is.
Apr 9 camlux commented on Why Did 100 People Camp for 24 Hours in a Chick-fil-A Parking Lot in Bellevue?.
Chic-fil-A is to chicken what Krispy Kreme is to doughnuts. Lots of hype around an average product. They'll be just another fast food place very shortly.
Apr 9 camlux commented on Senate Republicans Cut KEXP's New Home from Budget, Democrat Adds It Back in at Only Half the Money Needed.
I frankly don't care if they get their money. They and the Chihuli Ashtray Shop took over what used to be a play area for kids. I know that's water under the bridge by now, but I don't like either organization now.
Mar 30 camlux commented on The Trans-Pacific Partnership Isn't Boring. Here's What it Means for Seattle..
The Chamber of Commerce's primary (some would say "only") concern is to maximize corporate profits and shareholder equity. So anything that the Chamber of Commerce is FOR is typically something that the American people and the U.S. government should be AGAINST. That's a litmus test you can count on.
Mar 27 camlux commented on Capitol Hill Street Drummer Joe Buckets Wants His Drums Back From Police.
If he gets his drums back, that'll just encourage the insomniac panhandling bugle and bagpipe players. Then the neighborhood will really go to hell in a hand basket.
Mar 24 camlux commented on What's Seattle's Spiciest Dish?.
Man, that doesn't sound pleasant at all. Like nailing your tongue to the table. I think great dishes have a balance of flavors and textures, not just burn. But that's just my taste buds; yours may differ.
Mar 23 camlux commented on What Is "Clickbait"?.
Anything posted by Upworthy, no matter how laudable it seems on the surface.
Jan 9 camlux commented on Attention, City Council Carpetbaggers: You Have One Week Left to Move.
Vote for Wikus in District 9!
Dec 17, 2014 camlux commented on Most Major American Movie Theater Chains Will Not Screen The Interview After Terrorist Threats.
Nothing Rogen has ever done has made me laugh. He is chronically unfunny. This sounds like two hours of pain.