North Seattle
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Aug 12 camlux commented on Seattle Will Not Get the Chance to Vote on Whether It Wants a $149 Million Police Station.
We need a North Precinct now. There will always be a need for another 1000 low housing units, no matter how many are built.
May 3 camlux commented on It's Official: You'll Vote this August on Doubling the Housing Levy.
A stupid and ineffectual waste of money. I can hardly wait to vote "no."
Apr 28 camlux commented on Interview with a Guy Who Once Played Ping Pong with Prince.
That's one beautiful cover. I would buy a reprint of that.
Apr 26 camlux commented on Meanwhile in Michigan: Substitute Teacher Fired For Using the Word "Vagina".
We are a country of provincial idiots.
Heavily armed, dangerous idiots, but idiots nonetheless.
Apr 26 camlux commented on Vegans Are Worried That Bamboo Garden Is Serving Animal Products.
Sounds like the restaurant would be better off without a customer base of angry vegans. They should have a "vegetarian" page on their menu, and send the enraged vegans onto their next target.
Apr 13 camlux commented on Man on Obama's Kill List Sleeps Outside to Prevent His Family From Being Obliterated.
Looks like some innocent trees are now in mortal danger.
Apr 7 camlux commented on Calvin Trillin's Nostalgia for a White Planet.
It is pointless to complain about humorous light verse. It is there to be enjoyed (or not). It's akin to whining that "Calvin and Hobbes" is too frivolous.
Apr 6 camlux commented on How the City of Seattle Trashes Homeless People's Belongings and Chases Them Around Town.
The pitched tents are unfortunate, but understandable. I think what spurs the cleanups is the sea of trash that surrounds most tents. That eyesore is what diminishes my sympathy for the tent owners and their belongings.
Mar 7 camlux commented on Anatomy of a Painting.
This is so inspiring.

For a mere $12, I can buy a picture frame from Aaron Brothers, and then mount the weatherbeaten sheetrock that is rotting in my back yard. Artistic career, fame and fortune, here I come.