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  • What song do you never want to hear again?: The Rockafeller Skank
  • What do you like to read when you poop?: Empire Magazine
  • What piece of art would you steal?: A Tropical Moonlight, Frederick Edwin Church
  • What movie can you recite verbatim?: Princess Bride
  • What keeps you up at night?: Reading great books

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Jul 20 camlux commented on KIRO Host Dave Ross Ties Himself in Knots Trying to Defend His Participation in The Mikado.
@40 Perhaps "troll" isn't quite accurate to describe Chan in its most current usage: one who posts deliberately offensive or provocative material to be argumentative. But she is a troll in that she posted an editorial about a show that she hadn't seen, and intimated that everyone involved in the Mikado was racist against Asians (cast and audience alike). If her article was at all nuanced and thought out, I would consider the point she is making. She could have interviewed more of the cast. She could have talked to local Asian actors (few of whom seem to audition for G&S musicals) to gauge their opinions. She could have spoken to UW professors about racism and theater and how they intersect. She could have done a lot of things to make her editorial sound even a little legitimate. As it is, she is one lazy "journalist" who flamed the G&S person she spoke to, wrote from her feelings and not facts, and in my opinion doesn't deserve the respect that reputable journalists work hard to achieve and deserve.
Jul 18 camlux commented on KIRO Host Dave Ross Ties Himself in Knots Trying to Defend His Participation in The Mikado.
Sharon Chan is a humorless troll. Like Phil Yu (Angry Asian Man), Suey Park (Angry Asian Woman) and others, her precious cultural sensitivity has been affronted by a show she will likely never see.

It's an American portrayal of thick witted English folk who imagine Asians in a certain way. The joke is on the characters, not Asian faces in the audience. Plays usually require costumes and stage makeup.

I've seen Fiddler on the Roof with non-Jewish actors made to look like Russian Jews. Horrors. I've seen Othello, with the character played both by a dark skinned actor, and by a white actor who's makeup was slightly more "Moorish" than the other actors. Costumes and makeup help set a tone, and don't distract from the play. Grow up and become a mature journalist and a funny (perhaps likable) person, Sharon. Yeesh!
Jul 16 camlux commented on It's About Time: The Yellow Fish Durational Performance Festival.
Paying to watch someone eat? That's a show? I can do the same at 13 Coins, IHOP and a host of other diners, and I get dinner in the process.
Jun 18 camlux commented on Who to Blame for Bertha.
Stuff like this happens on building/digging projects. Setbacks happen and you move past them. Finding and assigning blame is stupid and pointless. Maybe some of you care; I don't.
Jun 16 camlux commented on What Do You Think of the Fondue Slipper?.
Still awaiting the Fondue Condom, wherein one dips one's member in hot latex/plastic.
May 28 camlux commented on The Rothko Paintings at Harvard That Everybody Wants to See: They Were Restored But Never Touched.
I know the art majors may gasp in disapproval at this, but Rothko's "art" looks like it could have been made on a lazy afternoon with a few rollers and some cans of reject paint from Home Depot.
May 27 camlux commented on In Rare Public Stoning, Pregnant Woman Killed in Pakistan.
@6 It may or may not be cultural. However, those who do the killings often claim they do it in the name of Islam, and others in that culture don't seem to object to that characterization. So it is functionally religious, wouldn't you say?
May 15 camlux commented on Mayor Murray Sends $15 Minimum Wage Legislation to Council with Eight Co-Sponsors.
Not so impressed yet. First glance leaves me tepid.
May 9 camlux commented on Let's All Enjoy Stephen Colbert While We Still Have Him.
Vampires are very dark. Hence the VERY dark video.
May 2 camlux commented on Eating Red Meat at Ethan Stowell's New Red Cow.
@5 I think your funny bone needs a factory reset. And your outrage setting needs to be deactivated.

Steak is never a travesty, unless it is cooked incorrectly. Restaurants don't have to be particularly ethical; isn't it enough that they serve local and sustainable food that tastes good and is good for you?

I can't abide thoughtfully diverse vegan food. There is only so much soy product I can choke down. Carmelita came closer than most to being edible and interesting, yet it still fell short of "normal restaurants."

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