Yeah, it's a copy of that.

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Mar 4 vitupera commented on SL Letters & Tweets of the Day: An Enemy of the Bi People.
@29 Hey, bi poly person here to tell you to quit talking about bisexual people as if they were all poly. (Actually, you talk about them as if they were all CPOS, but let's give you the benefit of the doubt.) You sound like one of those right-wingers who can only talk about gay men in the context of anal sex.
Sep 13, 2013 vitupera commented on SLLOTD: DTMFA! DTMFA! DTMFA!.
@32 He probably encouraged/manipulated/forced her to disconnect from all her friends. He wouldn't even have to go so far as force her to actually *sever* her friendships, just drive them far enough away that they hover anxiously on the outskirts, waiting for her to ask for help, while he convinces her they secretly hate her and would never help her.

Typical abuser behavior.
May 23, 2013 vitupera commented on Great Moments In GOP Outreach to Women.
It's amazing how a slipshod, half-assed house of cards can be knocked down with just one table jostle.
May 15, 2013 vitupera commented on SL Letter of the Day: Insane Demands.
@37 You're right that the one invasion of privacy versus the other doesn't make the photos sound like such a big deal. But it's not a one or the other situation, it's cheating versus cheating *plus* humiliate your wife in other ways for my sake. And on top of that, while the mistress may claim they're for her own kinks, the most obvious use she can get out of these photos is to show them to the wife, hurting both the woman who "stole" her man and the guy who dumped her at once. It's like Delilah saying "Samson, tell me what your secret weakness is just to prove you love me, definitely not so I can betray you."

@48 Probably because 14 years ago a man marrying his erotic and trusted gay friend wouldn't have been possible much of anywhere in the US. But yeah, that would make LW's (kind of embarrassingly obvious) vengeful rage a little more understandable.
Feb 21, 2013 vitupera commented on Savage Love.
I would really like to know what Disgusted Big Bro would have done if he hadn't written in to Dan. Retroactively withdrawn as Best Man? Photoshopped himself out of the Facebook albums?
Feb 13, 2013 vitupera commented on Comments Like This Make It All Worthwhile.
This can't be real. Sure, many ignoramuses make the you're/your mistake, but who seriously misspells "damn?"
Nov 9, 2012 vitupera commented on Ken Schram Says People Who "May Actually Be Pedophiles and/or Perverts" Could Be Posing as Transgender to Hang Out in Women's Locker Rooms.
Gosh, has anyone told that poor man that he's just recycling tired old transphobic arguments from second-wave feminists? I mean, it's on tape and everything, someone should really tell him before he makes another embarrassing gaffe.
May 8, 2012 vitupera commented on SL Letter of the Day: Bi the Way.
@7: You might want to hire a professional to take care of that. As the philosopher once said, the world will look better on the other side of a come.

@21, @22: Yep, pretty much.
May 4, 2012 vitupera commented on SL Letter of the Day: STFU, BTFO.
The best part of Snowguy's Fat Single Friend Theory is that, cultural beauty standards being what they are, he can apply it to nearly any person he doesn't like who happens to be both in possession of a vagina and not, for whatever reason, hooked up with a charmer like him.
Apr 4, 2012 vitupera commented on SL Letter of the Day: Monogamous Week, Day 2.
@5 I doubt Dan's deliberately choosing "monogamish in spirit" couples, but he probably wouldn't read a letter that went, "He liked to have his fun and watch porn, but I begged him to stop and now we're very happy" as an actual success story. He's always said that one criteria for a successful relationship is a willingness on both sides to recognize and allow for your partner's sex drive; these letters are just the ones that don't involve actually getting naked outside the relationship.

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