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Oct 1, 2014 bellelaide commented on The Morning News: Microhousing on Hold, Tom Morello Responds to Restaurant-Gate.
Ummmm - it is 10:06 on 10/1 and HUMP tickets are not available as promised. Stranger Tickets, get it together! Every year this shit happens.
Feb 19, 2014 bellelaide commented on City May Cap the Popular Rideshares That Compete with Cabs.
I've endured years of rude dispatchers, long waits, and cab drivers who do not know how to get to my house (it's on a weird section of 15th that no one seems to know how to get to), but refuse to take directions from a woman and then drive around the block several times, jacking up their fare. Cab drivers are hostile when you want to use a credit card because they will have to pay taxes on that income. Boo fucking Hoo. Uber X is simply a much, much better experience with more accountability for both the driver and the passenger. They take cash out of the equation, are easy to access, fast and on time. The drivers are really nice and interested in the best route to get to the destination. I know there's a deeply entrenched system that's favored cab drivers but they have abused that privilege. I will be so bummed if they take my Uber X away. Is the City Council going to do something to improve the customer service of cab drivers when they gut the ridesahres?
May 10, 2013 bellelaide commented on The 2013 Genius Awards Finalists Get Their Cakes!.
Lots and lots of white people.
Mar 4, 2013 bellelaide commented on In Which I Imagine Having a Sweet-Ass Rack.
New low Stranger. How did this inane feature ever get past whatever "editorial review" process you have? Stupid title, no depth and poorly written. Bonus points for creating a forum for dudes to expound on their "ideal" female body type and just a general discussion where women are reduced to parts. Gross.
Jan 26, 2013 bellelaide commented on SL Letter of the Day: Pop a Cap.
Oh for fuck's sake. This is exactly why I have come to seriously resent having straight men in group exercise classes, at the pool, and at the gym. Male gaze is tiresome as hell. Stay out of my yoga class if you're only there to check out my ass or reduce me to a body part you can stick your dick into. You poison everything and it seriously makes it hard not to kind of hate men.
Jan 17, 2013 bellelaide commented on The Gay Vagina Monologues.
The misogynist young gay man trope is so tired. Why even post this vapid crap?
Mar 8, 2012 bellelaide commented on Text From South Lake Union.
This is why I hate having straight dudes in yoga class. After awhile the male gaze just gets tiresome as hell.
Jan 26, 2012 bellelaide commented on "Paul M. Davis married a bisexual woman who later came out as gay...".
For fuck's sake Dan - please read Lisa Diamond's research on the fluidity of women's sexuality. You consider yourself some kind of sex educator?…
Jan 15, 2012 bellelaide commented on No Fucking Comment.
Yeah 57 - I expected at least some misogynist comments about "reverse discrimination" or something based on other attempts to bring gender analysis to SLOG. Huh.
Jan 15, 2012 bellelaide commented on No Fucking Comment.
Where's the gender analysis here? I am willing to bet that a vast majority of the people using these aggressive tactics are of the testosterone-fuled variety. Violence, intimidation, good/evil rhetoric - all tools of patriarchy. The fact that there's no dialogue about this says a lot about the status of this "movement" right now.