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Nov 7, 2015 ADoodle commented on Savage Love.
Why zero mentions of nonmonogamy or polyamory? (I know Dan has championed the idea of "monogamish" before.) It's not like love or marriage automatically guarantee sexual compatibility (both in terms of sex acts and tab-A-slot-B fit). Why are affairs (either hidden or don't-ask-don't-tell) the go-to solution? I'm a sexless boyfriend and his wife don't have sex (but they value being married to each other), he and I have sex, she and her boyfriend have sex. Oh and we all happily live in the same house.
Nov 21, 2012 ADoodle commented on Savage Love.
"If I cannot commit to that, she does not want to be with me.[...] Can someone who is poly be happy with someone who isn't?"

A poly/mono relationship can work if the people involved care deeply about each other's happiness. She doesn't care about yours as much as you care about hers, is my guess. Your choice is to break up now or break up later.
Oct 2, 2012 ADoodle commented on Savage Love.
"Why do guys think threesomes are so amazing?"

I always thought it was because they got so turned on watching girl-on-girl action, but then a guy friend shared a different perspective. So say you're a guy and having someone nibble your ears really gets your motor running. Now say your girlfriend and other ladyfriend blindfold you and each starts nibbling an ear (but without telling you which girl is on which side) -- this threesome is already off to a good start.
Feb 5, 2012 ADoodle commented on SL Letter of the Day: Convention Wisdom.
Seems like it all depends on how you feel about losing weight. If you don't want to, then your weight is irrelevant. If you want to, then do it and see how you fare in the dating pool.

When I met my bf he was awkward and I was 13 to 25 lbs heavier than now. I pursued him (he certainly didn't have the skills to pursue me). Over the last several years, he's gained confidence from having a girlfriend and I've lost 25 lbs because I was fed up (no pun intended) of being overweight most of my life. This part of my comment doesn't really have a point (unless you find one anyway).
Jul 12, 2011 ADoodle commented on Bang Bang Cafe: Serving Seattle's Only Breakfast Burrito*.
@43 - Yes, you can get it in foil to-go.

The vegan mac IS awesome (but I am vegan). So is the vegan BLT w/ avocado.
May 11, 2011 ADoodle commented on Savage Love.
Count me in the anti-spermicide camp, though I'm pretty sure I've actually never used it; increased STI risk and irritation are not worth it. But neither is pregnancy, which is why I got my tubes tied* at 24**. I still love condoms, for the easy clean-up.

*Technically, blocked not tied, yay Essure.
**Thank you, fuss-free Seattle docs.
Mar 30, 2011 ADoodle commented on I Have Gazed Into the Depths of Zack Snyder's Soul.
I am not the target demographic of nerdy/horny/teen/boys but I thought it was great. Also, they were cover songs? Nuh-uh. I thought is was pretty kick-ass to have that Bjork song in there.
Mar 24, 2011 ADoodle commented on Attention, Haters of Meat and Lovers of Free Samples.
You have a strange definition of "free". It costs $8 to get in.

And it is worth every penny. I'll be there volunteering (because I do want free to mean free, unless by free I mean 4 hours of donated time.)
Mar 21, 2011 ADoodle commented on SL Letter of the Day: Break-Up Level Mystery Offense.
LW should invest in some therapy to figure out why she's into all this too-fast, too-soon, too-insane kind of relationship/guy. Right after she leaves him. This is no longer a romantic relationship, but an affectionate and desperate roommate situation. And she wants to waste the rest of her life like this?
Feb 16, 2011 ADoodle commented on Hello, I'm Not the Enemy.
Spot on, Dan. I agree 100% with your response.

Sometimes Fat Acceptance just works to keep people fat when they could be otherwise. My family is pudgy. They claim to be pro-eating healthy but now that I've lost a good amount of weight (20+ lbs in 2 yrs) they're always trying to get me to eat more or saying that I've "lost enough", implying I had better not lose more. I went from a BMI of slightly into the Overweight range to 20, in the middle of the Normal range. For the first time since junior high, I almost feel "not fat" now in my late 20s. So I much prefer the Glad You're Not Fat Anymore Acceptance.