Aug 6, 2014 Leslie commented on Savage Love.
I think Dan may have missed something.
While she never said it, has no one else wondered what LW1's hubby will do to her when he finds out she's cheating? He sounds like the kind of guy who could do something quite bad, which could also be why she stays with him.
Mar 5, 2014 Leslie commented on Savage Love.
Since no one else has said it...

"I refuse to acknowledge "spooch" as a synonym for semen or the male climax."

What's the matter, Dan, is spooch a bit hard to swallow?
Nov 13, 2013 Leslie commented on Savage Love.
Here is why transsexuals have a problem with drag queens.

A drag queen (man) stands on a stage dressed as a woman and gets cheered.
Meanwhile, the transsexual just down the street is beaten to death for the same thing.

Being seen as a man in a dress is a male to female transsexuals 2nd worst fear (which often leads to their worst fear) and here you have a man doing that very thing for entertainment. More than that, comedians and the media in general have long used drag queens/man in a dress to make transsexuals the butt of their jokes.

Basically, while drag kings and queens mock the gender divide, that divide happens to be the struggle of transsexuals.
Feb 27, 2013 Leslie commented on Savage Love.
The "Panty chaser" may actually be transgender himself.

While it's not common, but I do know of a few transsexuals who engaged in similar behavior before finally coming to terms with themselves. For some it was a coping mechanism for them and for others it was a way to explore.
Sep 2, 2009 Leslie commented on Savage Love.
@12 flawless logic, I would love to hear you truly justify this. Women are expected to eat cum regularly, it's not bad for you. Urine on the other hand is not healthy to drink.

Why is it okay for a girl to do so, and not a man? It's not going to do them one bit of harm. I see it as no different than asking you to eat something distasteful, which is EXACTLY what it is. Truth is, you don't even know if it tastes bad if you have never tried it. Some like it, some don't, some like peas, some don't.

#24 Warsaw, define man and woman.
Chromosomes are not an accurate measure, neither are the sex organs themselves. Nature gets a lot of things wrong. There many, many who walk among you who are not 100% correct male or female. Your view of human anatomy is extremely narrow and ignorant.