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Sep 29, 2011 Rose DeCastile commented on Snooping Denied.
Umm... medicine cabinet?
Jul 22, 2011 Rose DeCastile commented on Rick Perry Is Against Space Hitchhiking.
As long as they bring a towel it should be cool.
Jun 29, 2011 Rose DeCastile commented on President Asked About New York and Marriage Equality at Press Conference.
So, he has the exact same position on marriage as Michelle Bachmann, super.
Jun 23, 2011 Rose DeCastile commented on Trans Advocates.
@9 No, I'm quite sure I get the point.
Currently there are two models to deal with the "problem" of kids who exhibit gender atypical behavior, the Therapeutic model, and the Accommodation model.
The Therapeutic Model (AKA reparative therapy) which has been shown repeatedly to cause more harm than cure and has been disavaowed by the APA, is unfairly labeled as "Nazism"* by the mean mean Trans Advocates who just can't accept the hard truths.
The Accommodation Model which is comparatively new, but has yet to demonstrate psychological damage is dangerous because it takes children at their word and allows social transition, which could lead to physical transition, which is a terrible and hard life.
Anyway, nowadays the Therapeutic model has been unfairly discarded because Trans Advocates are so powerful in the psychiatry world and every child that does anything that could be considered cross-gendered is dragged off to a gender therapist to be forcibly sex-changed.

But wait! Alice Dreger, PhD has a better totally original idea that no one in America has ever thought of before! What if we just made a space for a third gender, for boys who mistakenly think they're girls!?! They do it in Samoa so it should totally work here! We could call them, oh I don't know...She-males?!?
Oh, but what about the FTMs?

Look, I don't claim to know what's best for every queer child, but I do know this article is bullshit and here's why:

The article opens with the scare of a person "transitioning" into a locomotive, or the closest surgical simulacrum, there might even be a doctor willing to do it!
Do I even really need to explain the insanity of this comparison?
Then, hey! Alice Dreger is not a transphobe, in fact anyone who calls her out as a transphobe is the actual transphobe because transitioning as a child erases (somehow) the act of transitioning.
Then reparative therapists are unfairly called Nazis by Trans Advocates.
Then there's a link where a famous reparative therapist is cited, but it's different because if the reparative therapy doesn't work he thinks it's ok to be gay or transgender, he also likens being transgendered to believing that one is a different race.
Then, why can't gender atypical people just be happy being gender atypical, can't boys just do girl things and girls do boy things and everyone is happy?

These are all the reasons people try to use to persuade trans people not to transition, it doesn't work on adults and to bust this shit out using children is just fucked up.

The Stranger, I'm so disappointed that you published this, if you don't agree with me on anything else I hope you can at least appreciate that you published an article that broke Godwin's law while defending reparative therapy.
Fuck dudes, I thought you were cool.
Jun 22, 2011 Rose DeCastile commented on Trans Advocates.
Is this really a problem? Are gender non-conforming children being forced into accommodating "sex changes". Is anyone saying that a tomboy can't just be a tomboy? How many tomboys and pinkboys are there in America compared to trans-children? Are we really concerned that acceptance of transgender people will wipe out all gender noncomformists?
Allay you fears, most of the trans people in this world are with you on this, fuck gender to your hearts delight! I'll even let you in on a little secret: a lot of trans people don't conform to strict gender roles after transitioning. Some of us are butch dykes, some of us are flaming queens. We are not the enemy of queer people and feminists, we're on your side.
And I'm going out on a limb here and guessing that every trans-person agrees that no one should transition unless they're sure.
And I think that every reasonable adult can agree that children should not be used as pawns in grown-up political games.
That maybe a hundred kids across the country are so sure that they can convince the adults in their lives that it's real does not seem like a case of 'Trans Advocates doing it wrong' as much as it does society slowly accepting that some people are trans and that like being gay, kids can know.

Dr. Dreger, your article "Gender Identity Disorder in Childhood: Inconclusive Advice to Parents" and the follow up post with Sarah Hoffman's feedback are (mostly) great, but this article... Do you really think that the Thomas the tank engine anecdote or the wings surgery allusion are appropriate for an honest conversation about the hard facts? Yes, opening an article with a common trope of trans-phobes just might get you labeled as a trans-phobe, being trans is quite different from believing that one is a locomotive, a bird, or a different race and you should know this given your expertise in physical and social gender binary non-conformation. Are you really so dense or are you actively trying anger trans people at this point?

You have some really, really, wonderful opinions on gender, sex, and society Dr. Dreger. But maybe it's time to take a look in the mirror and ask why you've consistently had a hostile relationship with the trans community for years and why it keeps getting worse.
Jun 21, 2011 Rose DeCastile commented on Which Is Worse: T. Mills or Millionaires?.
Oh yeah, so, Fannypack is 21 now huh?
For some reason I can't stand Brokencyde or T. Mills, but think this is kind of awesome. Maybe opinions would be different if they were framed as the female counterparts of Mickey Avalon?
Jun 16, 2011 Rose DeCastile commented on Pawlenty Gets Glittered Pink Confetti'd.
Was that Corin Tucker?
Jun 1, 2011 Rose DeCastile commented on I Have Been Maligned in Jen's Post About My Post.
I realize that I appear right in the shit of this because I commented and incidentally used 'transgender' at the same time as 71 (and before I'd seen 70) but c'mon people, let's not hijack this, right now it's about appropriation and Dan's hurt feelings.
Jun 1, 2011 Rose DeCastile commented on I Have Been Maligned in Jen's Post About My Post.
@ 65- That they're transgender and voted for Nader, and also apparently Fnarfs posts on this thread (which are possibly the most intelligent and thoughtful internet comments ever)
May 24, 2011 Rose DeCastile commented on Dear Concessions Workers: Please Use A Lighter Touch with the Up-Selling.
Look lady, I'm just trying to do my job, and yeah maybe I'm a corporate schmuck, but I'm a corporate schmuck with a job that I can be stoned out of my gourd at, work for 15 minutes out of every two hours, and watch all the movies I want for free.
I get it, you're better than me.
Listen, I'm sorry that I asked twice (did I mention that I was really baked?) but considering how you seem to understand the man's constant demands that I up-sell couldn't you have had a little sympathy for a low-life sugar jockey and just politely said no again? But whatevs, everyone behind you was like 'wow, what a bitch', you're still mad, and I'm about to forget all about it, again, as soon as I post this.
Maybe someday you'll learn to take joy in seeing a movie with your daughter and let the little things wash away.

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