Nov 7, 2012 daisy commented on The Time Has Come for National Vote-by-Mail.
Here in Washington and Oregon, there are no lines on election day
Unfortunately, not true! The Multnomah County Elections Office here in Portland had lines wrapping around the block for people who needed to fill out a ballot in person. (Homeless, didn't get a ballot, etc.) On the other hand, they've had the opportunity to do that since the ballots were first mailed, so the inconvenience pales in comparison to other states.
Oct 8, 2012 daisy commented on SL Letter of the Day: Only the Lonely.
DRF: as you know, attraction is more than just the physical appearance at first glance. Attraction can grow as you get to know and appreciate the person. It seems to me that the whole rating system hinges on that first assessment.

So, think about what specific traits (physical and otherwise) you really find attractive, and which ones are dealbreakers. Then above all, keep more of an open mind. It'd be mean to date girls, sleep with them, lead them on and then dump them for not being a ten, but if you are clear about keeping the hanging out lighthearted to see where it goes? Maybe you will realize that the girl you rated a six is actually way hot now that you take into consideration her whole person.

Wow. That came out way cheesier than I wanted. Shorter version: Attraction is more than a first glance, and if you hold everyone you meet up to some Victoria's Secret ideal, then maybe you really should be Forever Alone.
Sep 27, 2012 daisy commented on To the Dane Cook Looking Motherfucker Who Chastised Me For Smiling, but Not Saying Hello.
Wait, he thinks that he'll get more social interaction in Portland? Maybe it's because I grew up in Seattle and hate social interaction in the first place, but I don't really notice significantly more conversation among strangers around here.

Also, I wouldn't have said "hello" because I wouldn't have wanted to give him an "in" to a conversation. Eye contact or even a smile doesn't obligate anyone for anything more.
May 30, 2012 daisy commented on O They Will Know We Are Christians....
OhTheTrees: right, because a WTO-style rioting against those in power is totally comparable to a call for executions of a minority group.

Can't tell if serious or trolling.
Mar 23, 2012 daisy commented on SL Letters of the Day: Response-o-Rama! Blowing Married Guys, Cups & IUDs, and Sadism as a Sexual Orientation.
Oh, for the love...
Here's that Family Practice News link, for real this time:
Or google "Menstrual Products Don’t Increase IUD Expulsion Dr Ellen Weibe".
Mar 23, 2012 daisy commented on SL Letters of the Day: Response-o-Rama! Blowing Married Guys, Cups & IUDs, and Sadism as a Sexual Orientation.
The jury still isn't out on any kind of menstrual cup and iuds. For one, most cup companies say it's okay to use them (only Diva advises against this, but they also say to replace your cup after a year). For another, someone did a small study and found that choice of menstrual product had no effect on expulsion:…;;

If anyone wants anecdata, check out
(Bell-shaped menstrual cups don't work by suction, but they do form a seal. No suction unless you start pulling!)
May 12, 2011 daisy commented on Savage Love.
Tiare, the bottom of my post linked to a Google Scholar search where you can read any abstract, most of which uphold that claim. Also, the second link has references at the bottom. If I start pulling stuff, I'll be here all night.

As for what the makers say, remember how much of a litigious society we are. They cover their butt for many things, including asserting that nulliparous women can't have iuds. Other countries do not have this regulatory restriction (I'm thinking Canada and the UK), and many places in the US give NP women IUDs. Myriad studies in this century have shown that NP women have only a slightly (barely significant or not sig) higher risk of expulsion, and no decrease in future fertility. But the US Mirena still says that they're not recommended for NP women.

Anyway, on the squick factor: It's definitely not for everyone! But the IUD squicked me less than the thought of Implanon, and I can't do daily pills. I'm a year into my Mirena, and am pretty happy with my choice. (Also, no PID, even though I had yeast and BV at insertion! Hooray drugs.)
May 11, 2011 daisy commented on Savage Love.
@35, your information on the IUD string wicking bacteria into the uterus is several decades out of date. Modern IUDs have a monofilament that is not susceptible to wicking, and thus the only time PID is really an increased risk is during or within a month of insertion. (So get STI tested before insertion, and be wise all the time, but especially right after!)

Also--and this is really cool--the Mirena creates a mucus plug in the cervix that actually reduces the PID risk below Paragard and non-IUD levels.……
Sep 2, 2009 daisy commented on Savage Love.
Did the last writer say that she told her daughters about her husband's desires? ("My girls tell me I must be trying to make him gay.") Hopefully her daughters are grown women and they all talk about sex anyway, so this isn't way over the line.

I say ew. Ew ew ew.