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Sep 2, 2009 deeter131 commented on "Why Do You Hate Me?".

John John..thank you for at least asking questions.
I will try to answer them the best I know how
1.)just as in a straight union...either partner can choose to change their name, or both can decide to keep their own names. It is not required that either changes their name.
2.)The only difference on the family tree would be that it would be two men or two women in the succession.Not that different at all...
some gays adopt, and some gays have natural children so this too would reflect the same way YOUR family tree would
3.)There are MANY MANY churches that do accept gays and DO perform gay marriages willingly. Most gay people do not want nor are they asking for any church to perform a wedding they do not believe in. We just want the right to get married in a church that does not mind.and also many marriages are performed without church involvement at all. church is not the issue. The right to be with the one we love is.
4.)this particular bill does NOT allow gay marriage but rather a domestic partnership, which does not afford gays all the same rights as straight married people but DOES afford us many of the rights we seek. like tax status, social security benefits. and the right to visit our loved one in the hospital if they ever get sick. Currently hospitals deny many of is in to see our sick or injured partners, and they are left alone in their hospital rooms alone.
5.)most laws or bills that provide gays with domestic partnerships DO also afford those same rights to non married straight people. So voting this down will take away straight peoples rights who do not wish to get married but want to be in a civil union to be afforded some extended benefits.
Most straight people assume that domestic partnership is only for gays and is a "special right we are asking for. this is false. the same rules would apply to straights.

and please remember any gay union be it a marriage or otherwise would not affect YOUR relationship in any way..
we just want equal laws....not special ones.

i hope I helped a little bit.
thanks again for asking!