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I wrote a book called "Offbeat Bride" and founded the Salon of Shame.

Dec 8, 2014 a.m. stallings commented on Weekend Review: Temporary Tattoos? Hawt Pits! Matthew McConaughey... and the Meat Puppets!.
As someone who's been following the hilarious media coverage of dyed pits, this current meme is generally credited to Roxie Hunt from Vain (aka how to hair girl), who wrote a post about it in October that went viral: http://offbeathome.com/2014/10/how-to-dy…

That post got picked up by the Today Show, and here we are.
Jun 4, 2014 a.m. stallings commented on How Amazon Buys Seattle's Silence.
Wait, is Jen Graves' twitter now a self-publishing blog? I MISSED THE ANNOUNCEMENT!
Jun 4, 2014 a.m. stallings commented on How Amazon Buys Seattle's Silence.
This is certainly a complex situation, but I'm not sure anyone is letting Amazon off the hook.

I feel like someone tells me how much they hate Amazon pretty much daily -- whether it's for ruining the book publishing industry, or ruining Capitol Hill. (15 years ago, we all complained about how Microsoft was ruining traffic by dragging everyone to the East Side. Now we're all complaining about how Amazon is driving up Seattle rents by having their offices in-city.)

I will say that as an author, I sell more books thanks to Amazon. As a reader, I buy more books thanks to Amazon. (As a reader, I *also( got Elliot Bay Books more than I used to, thanks to its relocation.)

I'm all for questioning Amazon when they do gross things (the Hatchette dispute is a major public relations fail), and I suppose I have a skewed impression since I work in publishing/media and live in the Hill... but if this is "silence," then I'm confused about what noise would look like.
Jun 3, 2014 a.m. stallings commented on Savage Love.
Ooh ooh! Wait, I got this. A few years ago, due to a major error by the Yellow Pages, my cell phone got listed as an escort service.

I ended up changing my phone number -- and thanks to the amusing back-story, the folks at Tmobile gave me a really, really great number. (You know how cell numbers are always awful. Mine is awesome!)

Now I use a blacklist app for my phone. I have an android app, so I use one called "Blacklist Pro," but there are others. Basically: if you're not in my address book, your call or text is sent to voicemail. Super easy, super awesome.
Mar 7, 2013 a.m. stallings commented on Openly Gay Marines In Love.
*dies of the adorable*
Dec 7, 2012 a.m. stallings commented on "How Freakin Dare You?????".
Bonus points for Godwin's Law in full effect!
Mar 22, 2012 a.m. stallings commented on Neighborhood Greenways, Fuck Yeah!.
Photo by DOUG., post by Cienna. My people! You're representing today.
Aug 17, 2010 a.m. stallings commented on Reading Tonight: Two Embarrassing Readings.
Just a note: Salon of Shame is sold out (as usual) but folks who want to live dangerously can come on down and try their luck with the waitlist. More info on our ticketing page: http://salonofshame.com/tickets
May 28, 2010 a.m. stallings commented on Field Guide to November Days and the Regressors.
Self-infantalization, as Matthew calls it, is certainly nothing new for 20somethings. Reading this, I immediately thought of my beloved rave culture of the mid-'90s, a time when some of us spent every weekend quite literally sucking on pacifiers and hugging stuffed animals.
Apr 6, 2010 a.m. stallings commented on Readers Needed for Salon of Shame Tonight.
J.T., snag it the next time you go home and bring it back to share!