Sep 4, 2009 amy_30 commented on The Empty Spaces.
"most people in this world ARE trying..."

sorry, grammar mistake above. it's late.
Sep 4, 2009 amy_30 commented on The Empty Spaces.
just some late night thoughts…

you seem to forget that at any other job, many employees would still experience infrastures/power structures that seem unfair to the “little guy”, you have to deal with “politics”, etc.

you say garage theatre doesn’t do it, you say regional doesn’t do it. pick your poison…you either do it for the art or the money, and you probably do it for a combination of both. so you make the best of both worlds and carve out a life.

sorry your friend couldn’ hack it, really. but that’s not the point of the argument, it’s demogogery. we all have problems and we all suffer. but the world is 90% our outlook on it. you can choose to be defeatist, or victimized, or a sourpuss…or you can take what comes your way, make the best of it, and be grateful for what you do have. my career is a big challenge, but hey, i’m healthy and i have some good people in my life. compared to a war-torn country or some third-world countries, that doesn’t sound so awful does it?

don’t blame the soldiers, fighting the good fight, who jet off to these places to work, and those who book our flights. we’re not exactly killing babies, here. we’re trying to make a living. most people in this world is trying to do that in some fashion, by some definition. you clearly learned to work the system, but put on an alter those who suffer because they can’t or won’t, and put up on a chopping block those others who do.

the best defense we have is our attitude. can you handle working the system to your advantage so you can afford to carve out the time and space to do what you want? you could do the same thing by having a “day” job and doing shows in your free time. tons of people do that every day with their interests and passions.

at least regional theatres are trying to operate and create what opportunities they can. if you want to play the blame game, pick the government or some other overarching support source whose absence makes it necessary for these other institutions to struggle along as they have been on development and donations.

ps…when you stop taking checks from regional theatres, then we can talk.