It's not very popular.

Apr 2 karion commented on Piecora's Pizza to Close Forever on April 15.
Goddamn it. This is one of the last, lingering threads of old Seattle. I had many a first date there, went to quite a few Mia Zapata-related fundraisers there (she worked there, as did Mike McCready), and took both of my brothers there when they turned 21.

Someday, in my Seattle heaven, I'll have a slice at Piecoras, a burger at the 318, and a cold beer at Buckaroo.
Mar 11 karion commented on Gaydolph Hitler, World's Most Notorious Bi-Phobe, Helps Out a Young Bisexual.
I no longer agree with some of my responses

One of the sexiest traits of a person is the capacity to have evolving thoughts and beliefs. I think it is kind of fantastic to have a record of where your thoughts were, where they are now, and the memories of the events in between that shaped them. If your beliefs and perspectives don't evolve, you stagnate. Or a become member of the Tea Party/far right.

I remember, MANY moons ago, a column you wrote about why the gay community should NOT fight for same sex marriage. That it was a co-opting of the traditional hetero community, that the gay community should not strive to be straight, and that the gay community had dynamic social architecture that should be tolerated, protected, and celebrated.

(I am paraphrasing - it was like 12+ years ago)

Anyway, this straight, liberal, white girl took issue with your column then, finding it short-sighted and (forgive me) impotent. And yet, 12+ years later, I still think about it and finally understand the point you were making. I have always been an ardent supporter of same sex marriage, but I think I understand it differently now than I did then, and partly because of your column way back then.

Gah. Anyway, I just believe that evidence of evolution of thought and belief should be celebrated, not shamed.
Apr 30, 2013 karion commented on Tonight's the End for the Viking Tavern in Ballard.
I am contractually bound to publicly mourn the 318 Tavern any time we lament the loss of another old school Seattle institution.

Dec 19, 2012 karion commented on The Perfect Meal.
And just like that, I am out the door to Tsukushimbo, for the very best sushi in town.
Nov 30, 2012 karion commented on THIS IS IT: SLOG CANINE DOMINATION!!.
How could you forsake the cuteness that is Dexter?
Nov 28, 2012 karion commented on Imagine the Public Outrage Had Officer Faust Punched a Dog in the Eye.
@24 - Actually, no. The single best defense the police department has against a wrongful arrest/excessive force charge is showing that they had reasonable suspicion to believe their suspect had committed a serious, violent crime (here, that would have been a hit and run). Dropping the charges is perhaps the surest way to get sued.

In any event, the police didn't drop the charges. The court dismissed them. At an arraignment - which was essentially a probable cause hearing. The police couldn't drop it, and certainly didn't drop the charges because they couldn't "completely prove" anything. The court - not the cops - dismissed the charges because there was no probable cause to sustain even the arrest - which, by the way? IS A VERY LOW THRESHOLD.

Nov 28, 2012 karion commented on Imagine the Public Outrage Had Officer Faust Punched a Dog in the Eye.
@11: With regard to the issue of probable cause - at the arraignment, the court dismissed the hit-and-run charge. At the arraignment, not an evidentiary hearing.

An arraignment is an after-the-arrest/before the trial hearing where they read the charges against the accused, and the accused enters a plea. It also often functions on a hearing on probable cause.

I read the complaint filed by the attorney seeking the public release of the tape, and it indicated that the hit-and-run charge against Etherly was dismissed at the arraignment. That is pretty strong evidence that there was no probable cause to arrest him in the first place.
Nov 27, 2012 karion commented on Attorney Releases Dash-Cam Video Showing His Client Being Violently Arrested By SPD Officers.
Nine times out of ten, I come down on the side of cops. They have an extraordinarily difficult job, seeing the worst of humanity, and always under a threat of assault or death. They aren't paid enough and aren't trained nearly well enough.

But this? I can't believe some of the comments I am reading. This is despicable. This is a guy who was questioned for a hit and run (a charge that was eventually DISMISSED AT ARRAIGNMENT, which means it was paper thin), and the cops escalated this into an arrest and an assault.

I am stunned that this is happening in the shadow of the DOJ investigation. And stunned that anyone would think this was okay or justified.
Nov 13, 2012 karion commented on Who Do You Want to Run for Mayor?.
What about Dow?
Nov 6, 2012 karion commented on RIP Bob Quinn.
I had an espresso cart on the Ave in the early to mid 90s (in front of the old Dawghouse), and later, a little sandwich joint around the corner. Bob was a daily presence in the neighborhood and a frequent customer.

More than once, he shifted my perspective on things. Having a business in the U-District had the tendency to harden even the most liberal of folks, myself included. I remember the first time we ever had a conversation about harm reduction, and how my views on it changed over a series of conversations.

He was the change he wanted to see happen, and someone who really lived out loud and deliberately. I am better for having met him.

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