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Apr 16 westello commented on Guest Editorial: The Motivation Is Political.
1) "Again, assume for the sake of argument that my accuser is not telling the truth." I believe the phrase you are looking for is "innocent until proven guilty."
2) The Mayor says that he does not know who this person is and that seems a bit hard to believe since he also tells us that he has faced this before. I'm sure he has some inkling.
3) Just because law enforcement declines to prosecute does NOT mean an event did not happen. It means they do not have enough evidence - at that time - to take it to court. Cases are revisited when new evidence becomes available (see all the guys who get out of prison because of the ability to check DNA).
4) I know the Mayor and his lawyer believe that they have slam-dunk proven that the accuser's description of the Mayor's anatomy is wrong and that's the end of it. It would have been better to have an independent doctor do that work and I suspect if it goes to court, that's what will happen (a la Michael Jackson).
5) It is true that having an accuser with a long criminal background especially around crimes of truth (like theft, forgery, etc.) does have to be taken into account. But I'm with CM Sawant that victims of sexual abuse seem to sustain far more scrutiny of their lives than many other victims of crime. That's also an important point to keep in mind.

Lastly, the Times editorial board does claim to operate separately from the reporting side (although that line is more and more blurry, see their education reporting). I would agree with the Mayor on this one - a little soon to be telling him to not run.
Apr 16 westello commented on Guest Editorial: The Motivation Doesn’t Matter. It’s Time to Step Down..
She hits all the issues head-on and I agree.

The Mayor's op-Ed was shockingly tone-deaf and sad. For him to not even acknowledge his relationship to these men is very troubling and yet he has no problem in saying don't trust THEIR word.

Why should I trust his?
Apr 11 westello commented on Potential Challengers to Mayor Ed Murray Have More Than a Month Left to File. What If....
What about Nick Licata or Hanauer's better half, Eric Liu?
Apr 11 westello commented on Potential Challengers to Mayor Ed Murray Have More Than a Month Left to File. What If....
(Murray)..."and has plenty to say about his efforts to combat homelessness, increase density and affordable housing,.."

Yes but is any of it really good? More like he'll need to defend many stances. The Stranger may love everything Murray has done but the rest of Seattle? Not so much.

@1 - I was at an event on Friday and met a young couple from Russia (here via Amazon). I asked them what was the oddest thing about Seattle and he said, "The bums, you have so many." I asked the woman if there weren't "bums" in Moscow and she said probably but you never see them. Not sure that's any kind of option (and given what they are doing to gay people there, an ominous sign) but Murray is a mayor with fire in his belly that may now turn to heartburn as he needs to defend his public record and his private life.
Apr 7 westello commented on Morning News: Child Sex Allegations Against Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, Job Cuts Coming to Tacoma News Tribune.
"What is the point of widely publishing these lurid, salacious, and totally unprovable allegations?"

You clearly did not read the article in the Times. There are overlapping details from all three accusers who did not know each other. There are physical details that only someone who had been intimate could know. And, there may be more evidence.

That said, I thought the Times went overboard in body detail specifics.
Apr 4 westello commented on In 2013, Central District Activist Omari Tahir-Garrett Also Told a Man to Go Back to Asia.
Tahir-Garrett is pretty well-known as a hothead. I recall him coming to Seattle School board meetings and ranting and then threatening board members. He was one of the people who overstayed their welcome in the Nova high school building for months.

It's a sad thing because his son, Wyking, seems like a decent guy trying to do good in the neighborhood.
Mar 31 westello commented on Guest Editorial: The Feds Just Repealed Internet Privacy Rules. Here's How We Protect Ourselves..
The creator of Cards against Humanity has said he will pay to get the viewing habits of Congress and print them.
Mar 24 westello commented on What Local Art and Science Organizations Have to Gain from the Access for All Initiative.
Just to note from this week in Seattle Schools and the arts:

"The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and Seattle Public Schools (SPS), in partnership with the City of Seattle, will open up new career and college pathways for city youth to graduate from high school “Seattle Ready,” by establishing new media arts courses in the Seattle Public Schools Skills Center. Skills Center courses, taught by industry professionals, will enable students to be competitive in the local workforce and provide the opportunity to live and work in Seattle.

SPS has received a grant of $395,000 from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation to fund the creation of new Media Arts courses offered through the Seattle Public Schools Skills Center. The grant will be supplemented by an additional $175,000 from the City of Seattle. Providing an initial investment, this external financial support will lead to a sustainable program. The new Media Arts courses will begin in July and students can apply today."

"Responding to a student-led campaign to ask the Seattle community for donated instruments to support the Rainier Beach High School (RBHS) Music Program, E-commerce company, Amazon, will deliver more than 50 new instruments to RBHS. "

Amazon surprised the kids at RBHS on Tuesday.
Mar 10 westello commented on How We Finally Know We're Old: Grunge Tours Are a Thing in Seattle.
Looking for a house, I toured one that had a basement with no windows, an oversized door, a small stage and a small audio room. We were told that one member of Pearl Jam used to own the house. I didn't buy it but it was cool. This was in Ravenna near Candy Cane Lane.
Feb 10 westello commented on The Morning News: State GOP Wants Seattle To Pay For Good Schools In Areas That Voted for Trump and Betsy DeVos.
To understand about what will happen - Puget Sound is wealthier than other parts of the state. But we all know that not everyone in Seattle is rich nor do they own homes.

Low-income folks and renters will get hit with these higher property taxes as well.

Do you rent? It's going to come to you as well via higher rents.

It will force out low-income folks even faster.

Also to note, many of these areas of the state that voted for Trump repeatedly will not support levies for their schools nor bond measures for school buildings. Those are one-off taxes that will help THEIR children and they refuse to say yes.