Sep 10, 2009 Jason09 commented on Savage Love.
As a "trained from life not to hit a girl", publicly recognized "nice guy" who's recently discovered his dominant side -- I feel I have to stick up for the GGG boyfriend here. It's fully possible for anyone to have a spectrum of dom/sub fantasies and the trading of roles and acting out of fantasies within a loving relationship is completely credible.

I have to say, their scenario is hot. Just because he'd be into seeing his girl be treated like a dirty slut, doesn't make him a pussy or a sub. Maybe as a dom he enjoys the idea of letting his girl be used in this way. Why should we assume she is the one using him? If he's scared off, he'll run. If he's not, he'll get to see her be used and abused without being the first to "hit" and then take over. If he's a cuckold, he'll get off, she'll get fucked, and the ex will have his balls drained. Win. Win. Win.