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Oct 12 Aaron commented on When Five Restaurateurs Own 40 Restaurants, What Does That Mean for Seattle's Dining Scene?.
@4: Stranger byline = low wages, no tips
Sep 18 Aaron commented on The Morning News: State Was Short on Helicopter Pilots During Wildfire Season, Rent Control Has a Bad Day in Seattle.
Goddam slacker helicopter pilots sure got it easy. They should just take the pay we give them. Look at them, hanging around the seedy bars mostly drunk all the time...
Aug 20 Aaron commented on State Supreme Court Upholds SeaTac's Minimum Wage Law.
Why does it matter what Sawant has to say about this? Did she do anything other than show up for photo ops with respect to County prop 1? Oh yeah, The Stranger is the campaign office for Sawant.
Jul 16 Aaron commented on The Stranger's Endorsements for the August 2015 Primary Election!.
You guys are so full of shit. To say that opposition to a city income tax but being in favor of a state income tax makes no sense, makes no sense. The idea is perfectly sound, and Banks will accomplish more of a progressive agenda than Sawant can hope to. Why should the earners in the city take on the costs of supporting the major economic center of the entire state? They should not, while at the same time an income based tax is very much needed at the state level.

The Stranger uses a heavy thumb looking for confrontation. Confrontation that ultimately does not advance a progressive agenda, but is more about tapping populism and grand standing. Banks will be far more responsive to the needs of the district rather than building a populist base for greater ambitions.

Sawant is given credit for "$15 Now" and takes it at every opportunity, in spite of the fact that she voted against the eventual negotiated legislation. Negotiation doesn't seem to be her thing, although I've heard it can be pretty useful in passing legislation.
Jul 16 Aaron commented on The Morning News: Meet the Seattle Cop Who Writes Way More Tickets to Bicyclists Than Any Other.
How about whipping our local driver community into shape? All the time motorists violate stop lines and cross walks, block the box, make illegal right and left turns... Bicycles are low impact, and everyone riding one is saving the city and state major bucks in reduced wear of our roads. It is time the automobile drivers dropped the attitude that roads are meant for them.
Jun 25 Aaron commented on Supreme Court: Awaiting Decision on Marriage and Obamacare.
Romneycare! Insurance companies! Whoo! (Still a lot better than what the GOP would bring us.)
Jun 23 Aaron commented on The True Detective Chitty-Chat Club!.
Dude's eyes were burnt out.
Jun 3 Aaron commented on Geico Advertises Cheap Car Insurance in the Sky Above Shell's Polar Pioneer Drill Rig.
Does it make you sad that you can't ban advertising airplanes making noise and pollution from our skies?
Apr 17 Aaron commented on Sawant Campaign Avoided Payroll Taxes by Paying Consultants as Contractors.
Don't tax her, don't tax me, tax that fellow behind the tree.
Mar 23 Aaron commented on The First Part of the Bertha Rescue Mission Involved a Little Drama, a Lot of Waiting, and Plenty of Symbolism.
@1: Interestingly, people who live in Boston no longer think of the Big Dig as a boondoggle. They like it.