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Mar 29, 2010 Shadowjack commented on Holy Legos!.
According to the news story, it took 40 volunteers 18 months to put the 30,000 blocks together. That's a little over one block per day per person. Impressive!
Sep 10, 2009 Shadowjack commented on My Monkey-Masked Hero.
Here's the problem with the "speeders deserve what they get, they're breaking the law" argument.

Go out and look at the freeway. The speed limit is 55 MPH, and most of the time you can find well over 90% of the people you see driving "breaking the law". Do we live in a nation of anarchists? No, people adjust their driving to a level of safety appropriate for the conditions. The speed limit is an arbitrary measure of what is "safe" and what is "unsafe", and is set conveniently low such that a police officer can always use the measured speed of the driver as prima facie evidence of unsafe driving, hence the speeding ticket, much easier to prosecute than a reckless driving ticket. Police officers do not go out and arrest everyone going 1 MPH over the posted sped, they go after the outliers. And everyone is OK with this system, because although they know that e.g. the 55 MPH speed limit on some particular stretch of road is an unjust law, they don't have to worry because they can all collectively agree to drive 65 MPH when it is sunny and dry, and they won't get a ticket, because cops are smart.

Speed cameras completely mess up this system. And I guarantee that if there were speed cameras absolutely everywhere (or, say, a speed recorder attached to every car), then there would be an enormous public outcry, and speed limits would be raised to compensate. What we have is something in between, where one set of rules applies in one place, and another set of rules in another. That's why it's unfair.