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Sep 28 katrat commented on Trump Looked Weak During His 60 Minutes Interview. Also, Did You Know He Has Seattle Roots?.
" the biological product of a botched financial transaction" ha ha ha! Oh man you are a funny fellow, Mr. smith!
Sep 16 katrat commented on The Last Days Crisis Is Over (for Me).
You can go, but leave Pickles. JUST KIDDING, I will miss you here, funny guy!
Aug 19 katrat commented on What the Northwest Wildfires Look Like from Space.
And the dust! I was driving through the farmlands of central Oregon last week and was amazed to see rising billowing curtains of topsoil rising in giant plumes from all of the dry fields. Dustbowl revisited!
Jul 6 katrat commented on Hillary Made a Playlist Just for Me, So Why Do I Still Feel So Alone?.
I wish you had said she was listening to American Wrestlers. THAT would have been truly wonderful.
Jun 20 katrat commented on In Writing News: Ginsberg's Poem for Bernie, Larkin Gets Honored, and a Shop-Bomb for Edge of the Circle Books.
Wow thanks so much for the amazing Larkin poem, can't believe I've never seen it. Timely, too, my aging father, who seems to also have death as a blurry shape in the periphery of his vision, is just about to visit. Every line of this perfect poem gives a little bit of insight. Thanks!
Jun 16 katrat commented on A Friendly Reminder That Dogs Are Not People and Bringing Them to the Grocery Store Is Disgusting and Repulsive.
And let's make sure to keep all the unvaccinated children out of, well, anywhere at all except their own homes. That's a germ scenario you can actually fret about!
Apr 9 katrat commented on SLOG POLL: What Should Kshama Sawant Ask the Greenpeace Attractivists on Skype Tomorrow?.
God Johnathan Franzen is so annoying. Can he please get bumped to a lower tier of recognition now?
Mar 26 katrat commented on The High List: Recommended Events for Stoners.
Oh man I am excited about this Spelling Bee!