Achieve the Four Modernizations.

Aug 11 DC270 commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Will the Cheating Cheater I Cheated With Ever Stop Cheating On Me?.
There needs to be a version of the half plus one rule for the Don Draper types, which will predict how young the next secretary you'll fuck will be based on years since divorce and age of current wife.
Aug 4 DC270 commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Gone Camping.
This letter is a good eye-opener to me of just how unsuited I am to monogamishy (not that I was looking). Old-fashioned cheating has the virtue of discretion.
Jul 29 DC270 commented on Savage Love.
I went to a Mormon college and the thought of sticking with a dude with whom I didn't have crazy chemistry and was doing everything in my power to NOT get in his pants to get married! at 18!! never crossed my mind.

Break up, have fun, get some dick.
Jul 8 DC270 commented on Savage Love.
I've long thought that divorce rights are just as important as wedding rights, and UNCIVILU's case illustrates exactly why.
Jun 16 DC270 commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Opposite of a Sympathy Card.
Can I vent for a bit?

My grandma is religious, her brother is gay.
My grandma can't wrap her head around his reality, and I'm sure has said many stupid things.
My great-uncle has cut himself off from our family. I was really sad when he didn't come to my mom's funeral.
My great-uncle's partner is awesome and dammit I ned to go stalk his email so we can get back in touch.
My grandma is awesome and helped me graduate from college and saw her only kid ravaged by disease and I know she feels the loss of her brother from family life keenly.
My grandma's sister is straight but has made her stance of giving zero fucks about religion clear but still keeps that channel of communication open. The starters are close.
My great-uncle is a hero to me but dammitall he needs to step up his uncle duties while he can. Email, yo.
My grandma isn't a hateful old bat.
Losing family sucks.
Jun 12 DC270 commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Monogamous Commitments vs. Monogamous Ultimatums.
The aside about kids was a helpful reminder, but if the one not wanting kids is the woman, can't she pretty much control the outcome? (Republicans excepted.) Anyone have experience with that scenario?
Jun 11 DC270 commented on Savage Love.
In my opinion, continuing to reproduce in a dysfunctional marriage so your child can have siblings is the epitome of selfishness.
Mar 5 DC270 commented on Savage Love.
Send the 25-year-old my way. I'd be happy to fuck someone daily who was a hot young thing. Wouldn't bingo him with kids (we're young!) or cats, either.

A horny 27-year-old straight woman
Jan 26 DC270 commented on Savage Love.
It's interesting how most posters maintain that the Dustin Hoffman kid is an adult able to make an informed decision to bang a MILF; but that the identically-aged woman into Jonah and the Whale fantasies is perhaps naive or weird.

They're both adults; part of growing up is figuring out who you are and what you like.

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