It's not very popular.

Mar 5 DC270 commented on Savage Love.
Send the 25-year-old my way. I'd be happy to fuck someone daily who was a hot young thing. Wouldn't bingo him with kids (we're young!) or cats, either.

A horny 27-year-old straight woman
Jan 26 DC270 commented on Savage Love.
It's interesting how most posters maintain that the Dustin Hoffman kid is an adult able to make an informed decision to bang a MILF; but that the identically-aged woman into Jonah and the Whale fantasies is perhaps naive or weird.

They're both adults; part of growing up is figuring out who you are and what you like.
Jan 18 DC270 commented on Savage Love.
I have intense, barely managed anxiety. Fortunately, it's not about porn (it was when I was an 18-year-old Mormon, but that's another story), and I pay too little attention to other women to be insecure. (I'm pretty, so that helps?)

Work, grades, grad school, status, marriage, decisions, committees ... All of these things have sent me into full blown panic attacks at one time or another.

A beer or glass of wine can be a good way to take the edge off. I'm convinced that our brains aren't equipped to handle the constant input of modern living. I think that the fiancée will feel better when the living hell that is bring engaged passes.
Jan 7 DC270 commented on John Kerry Addresses the French People.
Sarkozy's English is freaking hilarious. (I lived in Paris during the election.) Cost him a specific degree, IIRC. There are some French diplomats who have flawless accents. Christine Lagarde (whose father was an English professor, natch) comes to mind.

Mittens Romney has pretty bad RM French at this point, but I'm sure he still understands it.

John Kerry's wife Teresa Heinz puts them all to shame though. She's Portuguese, born in Mozambique, and speaks ALL THE ROMANCE LANGUAGES.
Dec 29, 2014 DC270 commented on SL Letters of the Day: Suggested Language.
A Mormon leader in 2009 said point blank that parents should shun cohabitating adult unmarried children ... So I think it's okay to cut Mormon mom some slack.

As to one of the commenters whose boyfriend's Mormon mom banned PDA ... I visited the future Mormon inlaws and they are the cuddliest people ever. My own Mormonish family is super prude compared to them.

We had sneaky sexy times and slept in separate rooms. NO APOCALYPSE ENSUED. I do fear being the beta couple though because his true blue Mormon brother is getting engaged/married the same time as us and doing the temple thing. Sigh ...
Dec 29, 2014 DC270 commented on Savage Love.
I pretty much can only get aroused by 5'10 to 6'2 guys with 6-7 inch dicks. Good thing I live in the Mountain West where it's like the Hitler youth out here.

Honestly, I'd probably be more interesting in going out with the guy with ASPD (if he had the stats) than the short dude if I were still in the market. #shrug
Nov 16, 2014 DC270 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Pain Can't Be Avoided.
I can stay angry forever, though, so that's not a good headspace for me to go to.
Sep 24, 2014 DC270 commented on Savage Love.
@36, you're confusing the two letters. The first couple has been married and monogamous for 10 years. There's no indication in the second letter how long she hadn't been feeling as sexual as she had before, nor how long they'd been married, nor if they were monogamous for their entire relationship (pre- and post-wedding).
Sep 21, 2014 DC270 commented on Catholic Priest Orders Gay Couple Together 30 Years to Divorce, Abandon Each Other, and Apologize for Getting Gay Married.
Oooh, LavaGirl sounds like the Catholic version of Mormon me! Same confessional bullshit, but our leaders were married (being unmarried is basically seen as perverted).
Sep 11, 2014 DC270 commented on Savage Love.
I'm not prescriptivist about pronoun choice, but I am about subject-verb agreement. They have, not has.

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