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May 20 TechBear commented on Poster of the Week.
She is a devout Mormon, one of the posterchildren for the LDS' "I'm a Mormon" propaganda campaign. Being a devout Mormon, she gives 10% of every ticket and album sale to the largest anti-gay hate group on the planet.

I am rather surprised that Slog is promoting her: I had expected better.
May 6 TechBear commented on Masmari Pleads Guilty to Neighbours Arson.
Attempted mass murder, and he faces a single charge of attempted arson. And the conservative straight white attorney who brokered this deal says, "It's a great result for the community." As if we needed further proof about the extremely low regard the Obama administration has for us.
Apr 22 TechBear commented on Seattle Must Avoid Tacoma's Bus Catastrophe.
I want to support this, but I desperately wish there were some way other than increasing our already onerously regressive sales tax.
Apr 22 TechBear commented on Centaur Sex Sells.
She thought it true love she had found
When that handsome young centaur came 'round.
But one roll in the hay
And he trotted away.
He was only horsing around.
Apr 22 TechBear commented on Not So Fast with the Snorting, Kids: Apparently, Powdered Alcohol Was Approved "In Error".
This sounds an awful lot like backpedaling to me.
Apr 22 TechBear commented on Sales Tax Is Hurting Amazon's Business.
It used to be that the savings in taxes was offset by the cost of shipping. Now that there is both tax and shipping, it is more cost effective to go to a local brick-and-mortar. Why this surprises anyone is a mystery.
Mar 8 TechBear commented on Dispatch From Crimea.
Goodness, it sounds like Russia has been learning more from American conservatives than just anti-gay bigotry.
Mar 8 TechBear commented on Anatomy of a Photograph.
A bigger image -- one where people can actually read the text -- would be appreciated.
Mar 1 TechBear commented on Question of the Day.
Odd. I've always seen that sign as a wrap-around breast grope.
Feb 28 TechBear commented on On Camera, Baltimore Policeman Tells Bystander He "Just Lost" His Freedom of Speech.
"Raising questions about civilians’ rights to videotape cops"?

The courts have answered those questions, clearly, repeatedly and without ambiguity. The cops are too brutish to remember that.

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