Jul 22, 2010 mikeyjk commented on The State Is Lying About the Tunnel.
Public works in Seattle have a very poor track record. Think I-90 sinking bridge and the KingDome as well as the viaduct itself. This is likely another half-assed and incompetent project being foisted on the taxpayers. Do we really want a Big Dig West?
Apr 15, 2010 mikeyjk commented on Mad Haters.
Yes, the tea-baggers are such a threat that it is necessary to attack them at every opportunity. Hell, They make up shit about US, so why can't we do it to them? Hate rules!
Mar 29, 2010 mikeyjk commented on GOP Stopper.
I'm rather amused by the characterization of Washington as a "blue" state. Obama may have won here, But Gregoire in 2004 only won by 13 votes (OK, OK, 113 or 0.0056% in a very suspicious recount.) I believe that the Dems have only a 1-vote majority in the lgislature. We are actually a closely divided state. McKenna is undoubtedly looking to make political hay here, courting the "other" half. Gregoire is helping him.
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Sep 12, 2009 mikeyjk commented on "Why Do You Hate Me?".
The very fact that this law is so controversial is reason enough to let the public vote on it. If the law is confirmed by the public, the voter backlash against the legislators who passed it will be muted. If not, then gays have more work to do to win over the public.