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June is reading Savage Love, of course!
Jun 14, 2011 June commented on Weiner: It's the Stupidity, Stupid.
Maybe someone should learn how to spell before calling someone else stupid.
Feb 16, 2011 June commented on Hello, I Am Fat.
Way to take Dan out of context and make him your scapegoat so you can justify being overweight. Unless you have a medical condition or are on medications with weight gaining side effects, you can absolutely lose the weight. And exercising in itself won't do anything if you aren't doing the right exercises. And 'eating healthy' in our society- all those fad diets and bullshit- can actually lead to more weight gain. Get your exercise program and diet to be the right one for you, and you won't be obese. And lindy, you are a bitch for ragging on Dan for no good reason other than your own ignorance!
Feb 16, 2011 June commented on Hello, I'm Not the Enemy.
Dan, you are awesome! Lindy took your comments way out of context. And if she is so proud and unashamed of her body, then why did she feel shameful reading your blog? If she was truly confident, she wouldn't need to defend her confidence- especially when she was UNPROVOKED!!!!! Really, she just wants to make you the enemy so she doesn't need to get her shit together and lose the weight!
Aug 13, 2010 June commented on What Do the Brits Think About Canadians?.
@91 So weird. My boyfriend and I were just talking about sneetches today. Strange!
Aug 13, 2010 June commented on What Do the Brits Think About Canadians?.
Interesting how @Judah started this arguement. Once again, it's an American starting a war! OMG! There's a shocker!
Oh, and maybe some thanks for all the fucking Canadian soldiers that haved died in Afghanistan- or for the ones who have come back with severe PTSD (like two of my cousins). You're very fucking welcome. Guess we do have some fight in us. But we use it to help out our neighbour (America). So, wait. Who came to whose aid? Funny, Judah, you claim that Canada needs the US for defense, but it's always us who's saving your ass.
Jul 28, 2010 June commented on Savage Love.
I see your point, but ITSAP said "we had no luck dating women or couples". That sounds fishy to me. How could they have had no luck with other couples? There are so many events, venues, websites, etc. to facilitate couples hooking up with other couples! and his wife doesn't seem to want the threesomes. It's the husband who wants the threesomes with his wife and another man, and he expects his wife to fuck people she isn't into just to make him happy. Seems like his energy would be better spent finding a hot couple or threesome girl for them to enjoy. I don't see why they couldn't find one of those situations.
Jul 28, 2010 June commented on Savage Love.
What about ITASP?!
Dan, I'm surprised you didn't catch something right off the bat- the couple had no luck dating single women or couples, but have had success with bi men?!!! In my experience, it has been completely the opposite. There are LOTS of couples out there interested in dating other couples. And my partner and I have had many successful threesomes and couple swaps. ITASP expects his wife to settle for bi men that she's not attracted to? Seriously. I'd be pretty pissed if I was that woman. She does all the work! Not only does she find hot dates for herseld, but she sets up the threesomes, too! Why should she settle?
ITSAP needs to get off his lazy fucking ass and pick up a girl or a couple on his own.
Jun 20, 2010 June commented on Savage Love.
Dan! Terrible advice to YOUNG. Seriously. You're better than that.
My fiance is 19 years older than I am, and he lied to me about his age when we first met. He shouldn't have; I still would have dated him and would have trusted him more if he had been honest.
If a girl (or guy) judges you based on age, then they are not someone you should aim to be with anyway.
And you need to respect what other people want for themselves. If a 20 year old doens't want to date a thirty year old, people should respect that even if they disagree with the logic.
Mar 16, 2010 June commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Successful Threesome.
Damn, that girl missed out- I love watching my man fuck the other girl when we are having a threesome. You get to see your partner at angles that you can never see when it's just the two of you!
And FYI, my partner and I have had several successful threesomes. It does happen!
Feb 24, 2010 June commented on Here We Go Again.
Just to clarify something that rarely gets mentioned- the words that were translated to the english "camel" could have instead been translated as "coarse piece of thread". Doesn´t that make more sense? Totally changes the meaning from "it´s impossible for a rich man to enter heaven" to "it´s very difficult for a rich man to enter heaven". But of course the church wanted people to give them all their money, so they went with camel instead of coarse piece of thread.