Sep 14, 2009 BlueJ commented on "Why Do You Hate Me?".
I would like to point out that Christianity doesn't necessarily equate to stupidity, though I admit the dumb ones scream loudest. My argument for the people who tell me that I cannot be a person of faith and support gay marriage is that the Bible also tells us not to eat pork, and I don't know about the rest of you, but I looove bacon. Those rules were there because they were intended to help stop the spread of disease (parasites in uncooked pork,food poisoning from bad shellfish,kicking out the occasional leper) and population growth (guys only fucking girls). Now that we have ovens, refrigerators, and a population problem, I doubt if God would mind if we have a little fun. Besides, who could read 'The Song of Songs' without realizing that God's ok with a little kink?
So show a little love for the liberal Christians, ok?
End rant.