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Nov 21, 2011 ex-neocon poly wife commented on Police Evicted from Occupy UC Davis after Pepper Spraying Peaceful Protesters.
If this makes you angry, sign this petition: http://signon.org/sign/petition-the-cong….

Our elected leaders need to be reminded that we know our rights and expect them to be respected.
Jul 15, 2011 ex-neocon poly wife commented on Savage Love.
I cannot believe this woman cannot find an open relationship lover that is compatible with her. Hasn't she seen OKC? Women's profiles are mobbed by available, interesting polyamorous/open marriaged men. She needs to take some responsibility to find a couple who meet her criteria--and meet them...and stop screwing men cheating on their wives...unless she likes being that kind of person.
Jun 29, 2011 ex-neocon poly wife commented on I, Anonymous.
It is near impossible for two adult human beings, making less than twice a median income level, to fully meet the needs of some children independently. WA needs to grow up and start taking disability and mental health seriously and prevent some of the more serious crimes and humanitarian disasters that are par for the course. SSI is distributed based on income. Medicaid and Medicare are also based on income. What this means is that parents who work hard to meet the needs of their children and exceed aid income guidelines are mostly strapped and unsupported by a system that doesn't provide an adequate skills sector in the private market.

As long as disability is considered "that person's problem" and not taken seriously by us, as a collective society, the needs of the more seriously disabled, and even probably dangerous, if not simply disruptive, will go unmet and society WILL suffer for it.

A single-payer health care system will go a long ways toward resolving many of the problems that are currently, unfortunately, barely managed. Once there is a consistent, productive health care system meeting the basic health and therapeutic intervention levels that are deemed necessary by society for the care of the disabled and mentally ill, talking about other practical levels of intervention can be better developed and standardized in ways that make sense to the wholistic benefit of the whole individual.

Consistent, practical care and intervention for those in need of it benefits us, as a society. The sooner we figure this out, the better...and the quicker we can get rid of parents *abusing the system* if need be, and make sure the benefits are going to the person in need, i.e., the disabled person...and the sooner people like Anon will have less to complain about.
Jan 9, 2011 ex-neocon poly wife commented on Drunk of the Week.
Dec 30, 2010 ex-neocon poly wife commented on Drunk of the Week.
The best part? Someone is getting a titty twister!
Nov 21, 2010 ex-neocon poly wife commented on Concessions.
I hate the lack of resolution in these things. They always end with things worse off than they started.
Nov 21, 2010 ex-neocon poly wife commented on I, Anonymous.
If he is TRULY your favorite person ever, and having had a few absolutely favorite people in my life, I highly recommend that you two clean up your acts so you can stay together instead of breaking each other's hearts. Havng left one of my favorite people ever recently because we both simply have very different, and somewhat incompatible, life paths, it's a pretty gut-wrenching thing to do. I don't recommend it.
Sep 30, 2010 ex-neocon poly wife commented on Savage Love.
I <3 this Dan and posted to FB! Yay! It gets better! Great job turning hate into something great!
Aug 5, 2010 ex-neocon poly wife commented on Control Tower.
Mistress, if I ever run into you at a party, I am going to have a conversation with you about this. Frankly, I ignore the advice books and go with my gut. After meeting some decent guys that way that are pretty damn hot, I think I can attest to the fact that being open and genuine about what you are looking for, maintaining a certain subltety while still having the important conversations, seems to be pretty damned effective--including "Sex is really important to me," even. I think testing the waters and watching reactions is also beneficial. I don't think these conversations you mentioned are taboo like the books say. I think honesty with an eye to the other person's comfort level is the smartest thing that ever could possibly take place. And don't be afraid to say to yourself "Okay, this would be like putting a square peg in a round hole. It's just not going to work out." I've figured out what works for me pretty effectively and I no longer mess around with anything else. Give me a hot artist--writer, producer, or fine arts, and I can pretty much guarantee a good fit most of the time. I've also found that I really like stressed out hot geeks, kinda the real world Justin Long types. As long as they come with a spousal recommendation, it's generally a really good deal, too.
Aug 5, 2010 ex-neocon poly wife commented on Control Tower.
Proselytization in any form sucks. At the same time, I am all for the respectful exchange of ideas. It's hard for many people to cipher out the difference, I think, and also harmful to relationships, overall.