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I hunt and eat anething that muves- I liv in Sippi and in graduete skool… more »

Sep 6, 2012 TaterBug commented on It’s Time to Freak Out About Climate Change.
It is way too late to stop a 3*C rise in temps. The time to freak was during the first Bush administration.

Just my opinion, but as a scientist who has read the primary literature and understands the probabilities of the models and consequences, hope went out the door in 2000.
Jun 2, 2012 TaterBug commented on Fuck the Vote.
The people is dumb and ain;t gots any money. They gets what they deserves whan they vote on shit they ain't no anything about axcept what the teevee said.

Y'all think yall so smart up there, but weuns here in Sippi no you fuckers dont no what the hell your doin anymore then Cleetus can figger out why the govment takes are guns and muny an wont let us drive are trucks in the river no more. Yall think you no how to fix innernational economy and make evrybody rich, wen you dont even no how tof ix the rowd when it floods evry spring (you gets a jon boat). Yall are a bunch of dam idiots.
Mar 21, 2012 TaterBug commented on Pissed Off.
I travel all the way from Bremerton to drink beer and piss in Pioneer Square- this is an outrage!
Jan 24, 2012 TaterBug commented on Savage Love.
Newt didn't want an open marriage, he merely tried to get his wife to forget that he had been a lying sack of shit for several years, sanction his scumbag habits so that he could continue to bang callista, but not have the embarrasment of another public divorce. It was all about Newt, of course.

This is not an open marriage. This is simply what a monogamous marriage looks like when one partner is a lying, selfish fuck who wants to keep up appearances.
Nov 26, 2011 TaterBug commented on Drunk of the Week.
That is so Florida. Throw in some meth, a bible, and bright orange prison jumpsuit and it would be complete.
Sep 22, 2011 TaterBug commented on Mayor Calls for Bike Summit.
The real problem here is that both bikers and drivers are human. And so many of them are assholes. Asshole drivers, asshole bikers. Ya see them everyday.
May 4, 2011 TaterBug commented on I, Anonymous.
Maybe yer server was trippin. I used to go to work on a quarter or half hit- once or twice on a full hit. Or maybe they had a couple of other tables spending more, ordering more and your lousy $18 tab wasn't worth getting too fussed about... But I bet you were simply another hoity-toity cock sucker who never once said please and you got what ya deserved.

Aug 10, 2010 TaterBug commented on New Column!.
JoBelle, I'm takin you to the Tea Party demonstration today at church- will you please fetch me my Bible and some ammunition?
Aug 10, 2010 TaterBug commented on Through Her Stomach.
I don't understand. But I love a good-natured skank. I always found that cooking a really good breakfast in the morning after banging is the way to get more banging. Especially the strung out hipster skanks.
Jul 29, 2010 TaterBug commented on I, Anonymous.
Stupid Americans!