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Dec 18, 2010 steve dedalus commented on John Totten: How El Corazon Kicked Me Out Of A Show That I Was Playing.
Hi Trent,

This is Brian, a member of People Eating People. As a former member of Schoolyard Heroes, a band that has played El Corazon at least 15 times over the last nine years, I undoubtedly have a longstanding relationship with Pettibone, Dana (the owner) and all of the security staff. I would appreciate it if you could contact me or Nouela Johnston to get a complete and more objective perspective on the situation. I do not believe you have yet to make that attempt. Thank you.
Nov 21, 2010 steve dedalus commented on SPD Sat On Video of Cop Kicking Suspect and Didn't Seek Investigation; ACLU Calls for Federal Civil Rights Probe.
@9 Libtarted Progressive:

Aside from the apparent excessive force, the video casts doubt on the suspect's involvement in the incident for which he took a beating. The two youths enter the store from the opposite direction of the scene of the incident for which they were allegedly fleeing. Those that actually were at the scene are in the background of the video running in the opposite direction. The two youths are not out of breath as if they had been running. They act genuinely surprised when they hear commotion and look outside. Why would they go outside, toward the location of the initial incident they were supposedly running from?

This is a cover-up. Plain and simple. Prosecutors filed charges without even knowing of this video's existence. Unfortunately, my analysis will make no impression on your racist convictions. Let's just hope you don't work in the criminal justice or legal profession.
Sep 4, 2010 steve dedalus commented on The Bob Dylan Torture Test.
I don't get. How does the perspective of a 19-year-old differ that much from the late 20ers/early 30ers that comprise most of this newspaper's staff and readership? "hmmm...I have so much cosmic insight...hmmm....time to update my Twitter."
Mar 15, 2010 steve dedalus commented on Are We in a Music Retailspin?.
Only the most creative and innovative music retailers are going to survive over the next 5 to 10 years. It is only a matter of time that technology completely eliminates the "tangible" aspects of music so much so that vinyls/cds etc are a profitless endeavor. This article clings to what it sets out to prove: that vinyls are somehow superior because they're are for "real" music fans, simply because they are old; however vinyls are simply that: old. Music is inherently about sound - the INTANGIBLE. Music as a tangible product that you can sell is a relatively new phenomenon, from the great classical composers to the early jazzers, music was a LIVE experience - obviously fancy packaging was an anachronism.
Feb 28, 2010 steve dedalus commented on The Rush Experiment: Conclusions.
Dear Bryce,

I am a long time Rush fan and I agree with most of your assessments regarding the "Dark Ages" and beyond. However, I simply can't agree with your characterization of Peart. Indeed, he was a rigid player, but he simply achieved a level of precision that most producers emulate today with Pro Tools (moving the drum hits on a computer). To say he was uncreative and predictable is flat out not true, and if I had the time to elaborate, I would. But in a nutshell, he made drums A PART of the rock composition, while most rock drumming to that point was predominantly about spontaneity, accenting the lead and strait timekeeping, which was built on the jazz tradition Peart is often compared to Bonham, and the former changed drums - and music too - way more than the latter, who was simply a less-creative and drunker version of Mitch Mitchell.
Feb 19, 2010 steve dedalus commented on The Rush Experiment.
Top Albums

1)Fly by Night
2)Moving Pictures
3)Exit...Stage Left (live) or All the World's A Stage (also live)
4)Permanent Waves
5)A Farewell to Kings
...Or you could go straight to The Chronicles, which is a two-disc comp of pretty much their best songs up to the 90's. Without a doubt, don't leave a live album off of your list (the two I listed are their most respected). And many fans will simply hype 2112, but I don't suggest that for beginners.

The best way to listen would be to start sober with a good stereo or headphones. If that doesn't work, proceed to getting intoxicated through drink or drug of choice.
Dec 30, 2009 steve dedalus commented on A Regrettable Decade in Music.
Mr. Matos,

I don't get it, is hating "haters" atop a list about things you hate the ultimate work of ironic hipster genius? Or did you not catch that? Please clarify. Seriously, I couldn't tell if you were being sarcastic.
Dec 16, 2009 steve dedalus commented on She Didn't Do It.
@yogchick - there are trial lawyers that specialize in going to court and there are appeals lawyers that specialize in, well, appeals.

So, I would dismantle on-by-one the "facts" you outlined in your arguments, but it's hardly worth my time. You have a shallow and abysmal understanding of the Knox case. Where in the world did you hear that the murder weapon was a butcher knife found buried in Sollecito's closet? My oh my, you are misguided and you need to start from the beginning.
Dec 14, 2009 steve dedalus commented on She Didn't Do It.
Well said #208. In addition, I WOULD LIKE TO PUT AN OFFICIAL KIBOSH on the "KNOX PR MACHINE" BULL-HONKY. Everyone thinks they're a media scholar, however:
A)You couldn't write me one sentence on McLuhan's hot and cool media. And more importantly:

B)All prosecutors and police have WAY MORE ACCESS TO THE PRESS than any defendant on trial ever has. Reporters are foaming at the mouth to get a hot scoop from the police. The public bought Mignini's witch hunt because he was leaking "facts" to the press all day long. WAKE UP from the fantasy world where you think you know what you're talking about.

PS Don't cite me articles about the PR company knox lawyers hired, probably a smart move on their behalf to counteract Mignini's PR MACHINE.