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Oct 8, 2010 thegirlracer commented on Here's What I Want For My Birthday.
@60 - i live in durham, and this IGBP has made me want to reach out and volunteer for a GSA if there is one that is in need of assistance. if there is anything you need from a fellow triangle resident, please let me know!
Mar 12, 2010 thegirlracer commented on There's Just No End to the Hate.
Why doesn't Johnny (are you) Weir start his own Anti-Stars on Ice? I'd bet you'd have a LOT more people interested in seeing that show.... i'd pay $70 for that, no doubt. Fiercest show on earth!
Mar 11, 2010 thegirlracer commented on High School In Mississippi Cancels Prom to Prevent Lesbian Student From Bringing Female Date.
did anyone else's emails bounce? i had 3 return failed delivery, and i copied and pasted directly from dan's post.
Sep 21, 2009 thegirlracer commented on Looking At Naked Ladies Makes You Gay.
i posted this, and one of my gay friends responded:

"Thanks for posting this. Now I know what to get all my hot, straight guy friends for X-mas."
Sep 21, 2009 thegirlracer commented on Barack Obama Is Hugely Popular All Across the Country—Except In the South. Gee, What Could The Problem Possibly Be?.
i'm from the dreaded dirty south (NC), and i can tell you there are still a number of us here that still "hold favorable opinions" of him. i feel like the reported racism is a self-fulfilling prophesy in a lot of ways. don't get me wrong, there are plenty of racist assholes down here, but there are also many many beautiful progressives here that helped turn our state blue for the first time since 1976.

all i'm saying is don't believe the hype. there are many of us who are quite happy not to have seceded. don't kick us out of your country club.
Sep 21, 2009 thegirlracer joined My Stranger Face