Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Capitol Hill
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Apr 3 Vermillion commented on Sawant to Murray: Want to Address Women's Pay Equity? Then Don't Institute a Tip Credit.
@26 the employer makes up the difference between the lower base wage and the minimum wage for everyone else so on a bad night the server is never making less than $15. On a good night the server is making $15 plus tips.
Apr 3 Vermillion commented on Interview with a Small-Business Owner Making Less Than Minimum Wage at His Small Business.
Why is less than $15 an hour not a living wage? And why is this small business owners' fault? Why does nobody ask this?
Apr 1 Vermillion commented on Someone Just Broke Vermillion's Windows in Broad Daylight.
Perkins is here working after hours (they're 7am-2:30 guys). What a mess. There's a picture of the guy on the Capitol Hill Seattle blog and I'll turn in my surveillance recording for additional evidence. My insurance will cover it after $1000 deductible so it's fine. We're closed today while they order the glass.

We're pretty sure it was random. These windows are nice and big - and tempting probably. The cops said he'd recently been in a mental facility.

I seriously thought it was an April Fools joke so I didn't consider it urgent or anything until Justin sent me pictures. Haha!

Jan 16, 2013 Vermillion commented on Happenings at 23rd and Union.
Great video of 23rd and Union:
Aug 22, 2012 Vermillion commented on Re: GIRL ARMY!!!!! (Has Already Been Covered Up).
That building is finally going to be developed so it probably won't be a problem in the very near future. We'll be losing it for other posters though, so get your chance while you can.
Jan 18, 2012 Vermillion commented on Is Your Venue/Bar Gonna Wuss Out and Close Tonight or Stay Open and Party?.
Vermillion has Breadline performance and poetry series' one year anniversary with dance party to follow.…
Sep 1, 2010 Vermillion commented on Get Your Paintings of the Viaduct Before It Comes Down.
Marie Gagnon is a treasure. So is the viaduct.
Jun 8, 2010 Vermillion commented on Seattle Artist Nko Seriously Injured in Bike Accident.
Absolutely. soon.
Jun 7, 2010 Vermillion commented on Seattle Artist Nko Seriously Injured in Bike Accident.
We're all in a state of shock over this. The comments are very distracting but I hope we can rally around each other and try to not be so selfish for at least a second or more each day. If he needs anything - fundraiser, moral support, whatever... We're here for his friends and family too. Lets just try to push some positive hope in his direction and keep fighting. Words of encouragement never hurt.

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