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Jul 31, 2013 mighty vinyl commented on Police Threatened to Arrest Me for Taking Their Photo Last Night.
Fantastic work. I remember a few years ago when I was given a traffic ticket that the officer demanded my social security number, which I refused to provide. She said she could get the information through their system and I told her to do that, I had no legal obligation to provide my SSN to anyone that I chose not to, so then she threatened that she would charge me with "obstruction" if I didn't give it to her. Being stupid, I told her I was refusing (rather than pretending that I didn't remember it) and she added Obstruction of Justice to my Failure To Come To A Complete Stop ticket. I had to hire an attorney to fight it, and although it was thrown out in court the judge refused to admonish the officer for such a ridiculous charge.

I totally appreciate you taking this on and demanding accountability. I will be following this closely, as I would assume you'll get the same response that 12 previous complaints have earned - nothing but a waste of time. But hopefully you will prove me wrong.
Feb 1, 2013 mighty vinyl commented on Local Coffee Chain Starts Charging Customers a 1.5 Percent "Sick Leave Surcharge".
Had recently discovered this place and spent a bit of money there.

Amazing how easy this made it for me to "undiscover" it again.

What an asshole. Even if the signs and surcharge disappear, I won't return. Once these assholes decloak themselves, there's no going back for me.
Oct 16, 2012 mighty vinyl commented on LiveSlogging the Second Presidential Debate.
POTUS is kicking ass and eating Romney's lunch. LIke night and day compared to last debate
Jun 26, 2012 mighty vinyl commented on SL Letter of the Day: Something's Going On—Can I Smell Yo Face?.
dump him because he has a beard, but use the suspicious odor as your cover story
Mar 19, 2012 mighty vinyl commented on 3rd Ave and Pine: The Dead Toenail of Seattle.
It's called "running to catch the crack dealer". Happens in that area all the time.
Mar 8, 2012 mighty vinyl commented on Faithful America: NALTs Fight Back.
Why would a "real Christian" have any perspective or opinion on someone ELSE's sex and sexuality? It seems like a 'real Christian" would be focused upon and comfortable with their own sexuality. And if that were the case, they wouldn't need to get their choir robes all in a twist about what another individual does or thinks or desires.
Dec 11, 2011 mighty vinyl commented on Anti-Gay-Marriage Activists Hold Training Meeting at Bellevue City Hall, Call Security Guards to Remove Nonbelievers from the Room.
Can't wait for this to pass so we can finally begin burning married hetero Christians at the stake. Damn, can't believe they saw through our gameplan so easily. Did someone allow one of 'em to slip through the net and sit in on one of our weekly meetings at the Lake City Community Center?
Sep 22, 2009 mighty vinyl joined My Stranger Face
Sep 22, 2009 mighty vinyl commented on What Happened to TBTL?.
I have no reason to keep an AM radio in my car anymore. TBTL was the only good and decent thing on the airwave, and although I still have a soft spot in my heart for Dave Ross, I can't in good conscience continue to listen to a station that supports Playground Bully Dori Monson and that moron Frank Shire (sp?). Dori blasted Obama every 20 minutes during the election race with "experts" who proclaimed that the market was tanking because of the THREAT of Obama winning, and Dori would then shrilly and giddily proclaim that the market was going to MELT DOWN if Obama won. Oddly, Dori hasn't taken any air time to retract his statements or take responsibility for his absolute lack of objectivity honesty or prescience. As for TBTL - the only truly fun and engaging thing left on the AM dial. KIRO has slowly gone conservative, and Dave Ross is the only real progressive thinker (ie: thoughtful not rhetorical and bombastic) left on the station. TBTL will hopefully live on in podcast. Jen and Sean were half the fun so hopefully they'll be involved too, especially Jen - a wonderful, caring, genuinely funny human being. Thank you for the best 390+ shows in Seattle radio history.