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Dec 22, 2016 Johnston commented on Watch and Marvel at the Teamwork Behind an SNL Set Change.
Bless my fellow technicians as well.

It's more than rehearsed; it's choreographed. Every member of the crew has a specific set of jobs to do in those 1:40 that they roll the opening credits. They cut it close, as you can see but you can count on them to pull it off. Every time.

Yay, crew!
Aug 27, 2015 Johnston commented on If You Didn't Go See Pippin Like I Told You to, You're Going to Have to Drive to Portland.
I took your advice, Christopher and I'm so glad I did! I was Stage Manager for a production of Pippin in college some *cough*irty years ago so I know the show well! This production, while quite faithful to the original, introduced a wonderful new flavor. Circus. Fantastic production!

Take the man's advice! Go!
Aug 19, 2015 Johnston commented on What the Northwest Wildfires Look Like from Space.
Last week I drove from Seattle to Spokane and back for work. The east side of the state is really hell right now. Hot and smoky! Driving back Thursday, visibility was like a light foggy day. I drove past an area of a roadside brush fire; the red white and blue "East Interstate 90" sign was lying on the scorched grass, the post burned off at ground level.
Jan 30, 2015 Johnston commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Walking in Seattle While Black.
I watched the video footage and was sad. The last 3 panels nailed how I feel about this. Very well re-told.

//SPD: Fire her!
Oct 16, 2014 Johnston commented on A Film About Northern Soul: Northern Soul.
Sep 12, 2014 Johnston commented on Mayor Ed Murray Issues Rhyming Dr. Seuss Proclamation About Corpse Flower.
@5: Agreed. This is an insult to Dr. Seuss. It's like the clever "Limereck"'s that do not follow the meter that defines a limereck. You can't throw an extra syllable or two in there and say, "Good enough!, it's a (limereck or Dr. Seuss verse.)
Apr 17, 2014 Johnston commented on Port Angeles Idiots Stage Fake Kidnapping, Could Face Real Charges.
Sure glad I wasn't "envolved".
Mar 18, 2014 Johnston commented on The New Peanuts Movie Is Not an Autobiography.
Agreed. I grew up on Peanuts. I got sad when I could see the shakiness in Sparky's hand in the artwork; the less imaginative writing compared to previous years. When he retired, and passed away the day after the last Sunday strip ran in the paper, my tears were part sadness, part a reaction to the poignancy of his life's work, and his life ending almost at the same moment. Oh, and Charlie Brown was an autobiographical character.

@3: I couldn't agree more! I have a weak eye, and 3D doesn't work for me. Fuck 3D!