Jul 14, 2016 Morganb commented on The Mayor Is Blowing Up the City's Old Neighborhood Council System—and That's Good News for Renters.
Neighborhood councils coulnd't be more easy to overtake by a small number of committed citizens, renters, urbanists, yimbys, or whatever labeled people you wish to organize. If you can't take over a neighborhood council, are you really qualified?

I'm a pro-growth renter in Wallingford who sees Doug Trumm's efforts as little more than politically motivated whining after having no idea how to effectively get involved. What did he do? He walked in to his neighborhood council and basically told everyone what they needed to do differently. Classic social-change fail, and it's equally problematic that The Stranger doesn't acknowledge this. To boot, his cited piece in the Urbanist fails to provide any actionable insight.....we know all of what he pointed out, and he offers just one perspective.
Oct 10, 2014 Morganb commented on Forbes Says Piketty Is Wrong: American Billionaires Are Self-Made.
The Bill Gates story is analyzed at length in Malcolm Gladwell's book, Outliers, which digs into the systemic and accidental factors that play an incredible role in facilitating success. I highly recommend the read to anyone interested in economic equality and social policy.
Feb 7, 2014 Morganb commented on Tunnel Machine Is Seriously Fucked.
Unfortunately for STP and others, they can't hide around, waiting for some special date to go by (like a ballot measure or vote in the legislature) before disclosing terrible news.
Jan 21, 2013 Morganb commented on The Seattle Times Erases Line Between Opinion and News Departments.
Old news to those of us paying attention, but a big problem for democracy since the public at large has no idea.

So, what do we do about it?
Aug 3, 2011 Morganb commented on Lawsuit Would Force State to Disclose Total Cost of Tunnel.
Danny Westneat is covering my portion. Since he's fine spending $4billion for "better than nothing", he told me that a little more wouldn't matter one way or the other. "We have plenty of money for slight improvements", he said.
Jul 25, 2011 Morganb commented on Pro-Tunnel Campaign Receives $50,000 from Same Companies With $1.1 Billion State Contract to Build Tunnel.
How do I donate to the anti-tunnel campaign?
Jul 25, 2011 Morganb commented on Pro-Tunnel Campaign Receives $50,000 from Same Companies With $1.1 Billion State Contract to Build Tunnel.
WOW!! I guess I'm not too surprise, since the chemical companies dropped similar amounts last year to kill the bag campaign. Still, it's astounding.

A pitcher of good beer says the Times won't run this story this week.
May 20, 2011 Morganb commented on Judge Approves August Tunnel Vote.
a win for public process!
May 13, 2011 Morganb commented on Judge: Tunnel Can Go to Ballot.
Game ON