Jun 27, 2016 Avi commented on Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Abortion Restrictions.
@5 Perforation or injury to the interior of the colon or intestine can be a medical nightmare, especially if it isn't noticed right away. Your gut bacteria can get into the wound and basically starts eating you. The stated mortality rate probably covers that kind of direct but longer-term effect, so it's not like they're all dying with a camera up their butts.

We'd hear about it more often if they did, 'cause that shit is morbidly hilarious.
Mar 10, 2016 Avi commented on Jeff Bezos Has a Plan to Zone Earth Strictly for "Residential and Light Industrial Use".
Guys this is literally the plot of Gundam.

When one industrial space colony becomes an independent fascist dictatorship and drops an enormous space station onto Sydney, we'll know exactly who to blame.
Jan 23, 2016 Avi commented on The Morning News: Shooting at Renton Movie Theater, Lawmakers Consider Closing Puget Sound Energy Coal-Fired Power Plant.
Some people collect cars and never drive them. The Sultan of Brunei, for instance, is infamous for his thousands of rare and unusual vehicles- some of which are the only examples of their kind, having been made specifically for him- that he has literally rotting in his vast garages. No one is going to argue that the purpose of a car is to sit around and do nothing simply because that's how he uses his. Cars are designed to be transportation. No one designs a car for long-term storage, which is why so many of his are in terrible shape. No one designs a gun for display, either, which is why people who do keep them for display still have to clean and oil them regularly to prevent rust. They were designed to be weapons, and they were designed to be treated as weapons. Even if they are not being used with the intent to kill, that doesn't make them any less weapons. A target shooter's gun is just as capable of killing as a soldier's. There's a reason the Absolute Commandment my dad gave me when he taught me how to shoot was "Never Point This At Something You're Not Willing To Kill."

Regardless of the applicable law, that woman was fully willing to kill that man. It's also worth noting that her story falls squarely into the 'mutual escalation' category of 'defensive gun use' that the article @25 linked to covered. Their initial altercation was over when she took it upon herself to incite a further altercation, which she then tried to back away from with the threat of deadly force in the form of her gun. She didn't have to act with consideration for de-escalation during that encounter, because she held threat of death in her hands. She got to say how things ended. And far too many carriers walk around with that mindset. They don't carry for protection. They carry so they can make the rules. Good or bad, they're the one with the gun.

And to something you mentioned in @28, a number of states have all kinds of restrictions on the sales of swords, knives, and certain types of blunt instruments. Martial arts weapons got banned in droves during the initial Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fad, switchblades and stilettos have long been frowned upon, and sword-canes in particular are widely prohibited as a 'concealed weapon'. Those lawmakers saw a potential danger and acted to mitigate it. We're not allowed to do that with guns, apparently because guns have a strong lobby of people who *like* being potential dangers.
Jan 22, 2016 Avi commented on The Morning News: Shooting at Renton Movie Theater, Lawmakers Consider Closing Puget Sound Energy Coal-Fired Power Plant.
Cars and all the other potentially dangerous things that people like to concern troll about in gun conversations have uses that outweigh their hazards and, as mentioned, regulation in response to those hazards. The only use a gun has is to kill. The mere act of carrying one is a threat of deadly force; 'defensive gun use' is just another way of saying 'fuck with me and I will blow you away'. And we're putting that power in the hands of drunken idiots.
Jan 12, 2016 Avi commented on Guns Do Not Make Us Safer.
The argument for gun control can basically be boiled down to 'We want to make it harder for people to kill each other.' The main argument against it, as @14 illustrates, seems to be 'But I want it to be easy for me to kill somebody!'
May 30, 2015 Avi commented on Supreme Court Poised to Fuck Urban America.
The 3/5th clause and two Senators per state thing were part of the direct causes of the Civil War. The over-representation caused by the 3/5th clause gave the South an edge in the House, and we had managed to end up with an even split of slave and free states giving them a guaranteed 50 votes in the Senate, which combined with a tendency to elect Southern-born Presidents gave the South enough clout to protect the increasingly unpopular and dangerous slave system. Most of the political turmoil in the 30-odd years prior to the war- the Missouri Compromise and so forth- was about keeping the number of free and slave states even to maintain that slavery-favoring 'balance'. It took the pro-slavery vote being split in the 1860 election to allow Lincoln's abolitionist party to get any significant national power, whereupon the South completely lost its shit and did the whole secession thing.

So it's darkly amusing to see the Confederacy's spiritual successors complaining about over-representation now that it's favoring non-evil politicians. Sadly, and horrifyingly, ignoring hundreds of years of precedent hasn't been a problem for this Court in the past, so yeah. This could go very badly.
Mar 31, 2015 Avi commented on I, Anonymous.
Correct-ish, @25. Snow tires use a different rubber compound that stays softer at lower temperatures than all-season tires. (Softer rubber = better grip.) They won't outright melt unless you're driving them around at high speeds in Arizona at high noon on the hottest day of the year, but they will wear out much, much faster when the average temperature gets above 50 or so.

Frankly, for the kind of weather you guys get you hardly even need snow tires. If 90% of New England can get through this last season of unending doomblizzards on all-seasons, the tires are only a small part of the problem with your winter driving. As long as you aren't running on bald tires, summer tires, or those so-called 'green' tires (which use a harder rubber that has less rolling resistance to give you a marginal boost in gas mileage and are absolute shit on ice) the main thing you have to worry about is whether you know what the fuck you're doing or not.

If you see anyone with studded tires on, you can be pretty sure they don't.
Feb 12, 2015 Avi commented on Breaking News! You Can Now Read The Stranger on Your Cell Phone.
It is pretty nice on mobile, now that I've tried it, particularly compared to the dated old Slog mobile design. But all that whitespace on the desktop version is just horribly dull.

I'm also not fond of the font in blockquotes being about twice the size of the text in the rest of the article, which seems to have carried over from the old mobile site, or this grey text in grey highlighting I'm getting while typing in the comment box on Chrome for Android.
Feb 12, 2015 Avi commented on Breaking News! You Can Now Read The Stranger on Your Cell Phone.
Meh, I liked the old font. There's something solid and reliable about serifs.
Oct 22, 2014 Avi commented on Confused by the "GamerGate" Tweets Clogging Your Feed?.
Beyond the bullshit about 'ethics' and the rampant misogyny, the whole shitshow boils down to one thing: a bunch of jackasses who are in the traditional gaming demographic (white, male, 13 to 35), and who not incidentally exhibit behaviors on the sociopathic spectrum, getting their dicks in a twist over people saying that their preferred hobby should not cater exclusively to them. They are people in a position of privilege who can not process the idea that other people have a right to exist in their world without feeling marginalised.

They're the nerd Tea Party.