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Oct 22 Avi commented on Confused by the "GamerGate" Tweets Clogging Your Feed?.
Beyond the bullshit about 'ethics' and the rampant misogyny, the whole shitshow boils down to one thing: a bunch of jackasses who are in the traditional gaming demographic (white, male, 13 to 35), and who not incidentally exhibit behaviors on the sociopathic spectrum, getting their dicks in a twist over people saying that their preferred hobby should not cater exclusively to them. They are people in a position of privilege who can not process the idea that other people have a right to exist in their world without feeling marginalised.

They're the nerd Tea Party.
Oct 1 Avi commented on This Is How the GOP Asks Women for Their Votes.
They're using the same ad (with swapped names, obviously) in the Florida gubernatorial race.

Rock on, you amazingly oblivious diamonds.

Sep 30 Avi commented on The Best Weird Things You Can Buy at the Grocery Outlet While Stoned Out of Your Mind.
Those root beer float cookies are bizarre. They taste exactly like they took normal Chips Ahoy and soaked them in the flavoring from those root beer barrel hard candies.
Sep 19 Avi commented on Catholic Priest Orders Gay Couple Together 30 Years to Divorce, Abandon Each Other, and Apologize for Getting Gay Married.
If your religion tells you to be horrible to people, your religion might be horrible.
Sep 11 Avi commented on Three Black Men Who Were Killed by an Absence of Policing.
@8: Yes, it matters, because the two things are not unrelated. Being brown-skinned in this country means living under a presumption of guilt. Cops- lazy, worthless cops- look at a black man and see a criminal and a potential threat. They don't give them the benefit of a doubt. They just shoot first, and assume that he must've been guilty of something later. And that's about as bad at policing as you can get.

Decent cops, and decent people in general, don't carry that presumption. The problem is that they're all too rare.
Aug 22 Avi commented on Don't Go See the Towering Pile of Garbage That Is Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.
Miller's writing of female characters throughout his work is pretty horrifying. It was actually while reading Ronin and seeing how he treated its female lead that I realized that he was just an asshole. But I was already pretty uncomfortable with his portrayal of an aged Catwoman in Dark Knight Returns as an overweight prostitute whose only contribution to the story is to get beat up, his introduction of the hooker backstory for Catwoman's modern origin in Year One, and how his 'revolutionary' run on Daredevil was largely spent on turning the character's love interest into a drug addicted mental patient. That's not even getting into how Sin City's 'strong' female characters are mostly strippers, or the shitshow of objectification him and Jim Lee pulled in All Star Batman and Robin. His work is just an unending parade of horriblness.

So when you get stuff like the recent interview where he out of the blue blames Rod Stewart lyrics about actually being friends with the women you're sleeping with for a 'crisis in masculinity' and the death of 1940's notions of manhood, it's not exactly a surprise.
Aug 22 Avi commented on Don't Go See the Towering Pile of Garbage That Is Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.
"But Dame to Kill For’s dialogue and female representation is so impossibly bad that it retroactively makes the first film, and the comics from which these films were adapted, look terrible."

This applies to Miller's work as a whole, I find. He seems interesting and inventive when he first works on a concept, be it Daredevil or Batman or any of his original stuff from the 80's, but the more work he does on it, the more you can see that all he has in him is misogyny and violence. And then when you go back and try to read the earlier stuff in the light of that realization, that's all you can see in those works, too.
Aug 20 Avi commented on Will the Pepper-Spraying Westlake Security Guard Be Punished?.
As someone who works in private security, I can not fucking stand outfits that dress their guards up like that. It's a pain to keep up, it just gives drunken idiots something else to grab at, that hat makes just about anyone look like a ridiculous little tool, and for god's sake, service ribbons? What fucking war were you in, asshole? The Sbarro's cash register meltdown of '94?

No company needs anything fancier for their uniforms than a nice, clearly marked polo or, if they're covering someplace ritzy, a sports jacket and tie. This pretend cop shit needs to stop. But it probably won't because it's a sop for the worst kind of security guard, the guys who desperately want to be cops but who're too incompetent and mentally unstable even for the police force. Far too many of those types end up in the lower management, like this guy.
Aug 16 Avi commented on The Saturday Morning News.
We have a white-dominated culture in this country that systematically denigrates and disadvantages brown-skinned people, and we blame them for having chips on their shoulders?

You're right, things were much nicer back before the 60's, back when black folks knew they had to bow and scrape to their betters.

Or else.
Aug 8 Avi commented on And They Will Know We Are Christians by Our....
If your faith and principles tell you to be horrible to people, then your faith and principles are horrible. Full stop.

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