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Sep 26, 2009 justanothernortherner joined My Stranger Face
Sep 25, 2009 justanothernortherner commented on Fuck the South.
I gotta say. I read fuckthesouth right after the second Bush thingy and it gave me some reassuring solitude. After sitting through the incredible Democratic shrinking spine decades of the 80's. Then seeing Southern Baptists in charge of the Executive Branch and taking over leadership in both houses of Congress in the 90's, I couldn't get behind the Democratic Party of which my own political independence had slightly more faith. Seeing John Kerry attacked as elite while "plain-talking", the guy you-could-sit-down-and-have-a-beer-with dipshit grabbed another destructive 4 years as top-dog of our country.

There was very little to be proud about through most of this decade. As David Broder said about Clinton, but somehow, along with the legion of deaf, dumb and blind journalists who hypnotically or hallucinatingly tripped through the mid-90's and continued through Cheney/Bush, absentmindedly couldn't see just how "He came in here and trashed the place, and it wasn't even his place to trash." applied so aptly to the Cheney/Bush years, the "Fuck the South" Rant provided me some comfort.

Sure, the Reagan deregulation years and faux Conservative fiscal responsibility and brief experiment with 19th century trickle-down econ. not to mention the endeavor into illegally selling military equipment to an enemy to fund coups in Central America didn't apply to the South very much, but like fellow Californian Nixon before him, Reagan used all the political tools to exploit the stereo-types of the South to whip it up to his advantage for maximum support and usher in the shit of the 90's.

And then we had to live with the shit.