Aug 13, 2010 AiYahh reviewed Sage Cafe.
I had found out about this place and decided to splurge and go here for lunch.

I ended up getting a portabello mushroom and seitan burger which was amazing! It seemed that the wait was a lil long, but it seems that everything is made when it's ordered, so I have no problem with that. It came with a quinoa salad that was tasty but a lil bit greasy.

The tip from the lady there to take a fork really could have helped. The burger was piled pretty high and I used my container to catch anything that fell out.

I would definitely go back, but eat there and not rush back to work.

Apr 30, 2010 AiYahh commented on I, ANONYMOUS.
I remember things when I was 1! I hope that your sis-inlaw reads Stranger and sees this.
Apr 1, 2010 AiYahh commented on Bar Exam.
Funny, I only go to Red Robin when I want food poisoning. Not that I ever actually ordered it, that's just what happens almost everytime I go! Except when I went to the original one, says something doesn't it?

The original just had their act together, unlike any of the hundreds out there in cleanliness and for that, this place had to go. It wasn't up to their "Standards".
Apr 1, 2010 AiYahh commented on I, Anonymous.
This person should go all out and go fuck every guy that she can w/o a condom, THEN get pregnant and say it's the Douche Bag's kid. I see a Jerry Springer appearance in her future.
Apr 1, 2010 AiYahh commented on Ten Great Things About Thai Curry Simple.
You just added a new place for me to try out, it's 4:55pm now and the place is already closed, DARN IT!
Apr 1, 2010 AiYahh commented on Savage Love.
I'm really hoping these are real letters and not April Fool's pranks. In any case, great advice as always Dan.
Sex workers should never be ashamed for doing something most of us give away for free (or a washing machine, car, jewelry, etc)
Shame on the dirty house guests. Now I'll have to remember to use dark sheets when I have guests stay over :)
And UNCUT pride!!! (I'm uncut and love it!)
Mar 17, 2010 AiYahh reviewed Georgetown Liquor Company.
I'm going to the GLC again. The first time, I was interested by the mention here in the Stranger a few weeks back. That night (Wednesday I believe) was freaking packed! I was alone and that actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise, since all the tables were full and I was able to get the only seat available at the bar. Sitting next to me happened to be some folks, who I found out were the owners of the joint! We chatted a bit and found out that it was Trivia night, but they weren't expecting such a huge crowd, then they stepped out to smoke. I protected their seats when some hungry patrons asked me if anyone was sitting there.

I ended up getting the sandwich that had a French dip (can't remember the name of it). It had field roast (which I had heard alot about from friends) and was really looking forward to it.

Needless to say, the sandwich was fabulous!

So I'm going back tonight, St. Patrick's Day. I don't expect to have an easy time getting seats, since this time, I'm bringing my boyfriend along.

Hope he doesn't mind waiting.
Mar 17, 2010 AiYahh commented on The Great West Coast Newspaper War.
I moved up here to Seattle from San Francisco in late 07. I spent most of my life in San Francisco and loved the Bay Guardian. I tried reading the SF Weekly, but couldn't. The tone of the reporting just didn't speak to me. So I stopped reading it.

I'm finding out I'm in the same situation here in Seattle, I only read the Stranger. It helps that Dan Savage is the editor (I fracking LOVE that guy and his writing!!!).
Dec 16, 2009 AiYahh commented on Savage Love.
If I wasn't totally happy in my relationship with my bf, I would totally ask you out. You fucking ROCK!!! Your comments continue to provide me giggles and today's are no different. In your honor, I bring back the pain I was under when I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as I type this response FUCKOUCHDAMNCHRIST

Keep up the AMAZING work :)
Dec 10, 2009 AiYahh commented on I, Anonymous.
Just because someone tells u his tubes were snipped, doesn't mean he's STD free. Sorry you got fucked by a douchebag.