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Sep 29, 2009 Just_In_Seattle commented on Mallahan: More Missed Votes.
Yes, I would have to agree that anyone who runs for or holds public office should have enough interest in and engagement with politics to bother to vote. Just one more piece of evidence to show that Mallahan will be more interested in representing big business and big money rather than the general public and people of Seattle. In order to see any real change in this country, we need to start getting the big money out of politics, both locally and nationally. McGinn's campaign is a great example of this, he's more interested in listening to people and putting together strong advisory teams than soliciting big donations; his campaign is doing great, at only a fraction of the cost of Mallahan's. Which means that when he's elected he can actually make decisions based on those "progressive values" that Mallahan talks about - like building community, a healthy environment, a strong local economy, efficient and convenient public transportation - without being beholden to the big money business-as-usual interests that Joe would be.