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Dec 10, 2011 xxxSTEVExxx commented on The Least Sinister Mall in Town.

How much did Pacific Place pay the Stranger for this puff-piece?
Nov 27, 2011 xxxSTEVExxx commented on You're a Funny Man, Herman Cain.

This is what this Bjornson guy spends all day in his basement reading"…

"Jack Cashill, author of the charmingly insane book Deconstructing Obama, claims to have unearthed yet another shocking bombshell about Barack Obama's past. According to Cashill's WorldNetDaily column this morning, this photo of young Barack Obama and his grandparents in New York is a forgery into which Obama has been photoshopped:

"Cashill writes: "The bench is real. The grandparents are real. The wall behind them is real. Barack Obama is not. He has been conspicuously photoshopped in. Who did this and why remains as much a mystery as Obama's extended stay in New York." He embeds a YouTube video that claims to have uncovered the "real" photo, seen below, in which Obama is nowhere to be seen:

"Actually, to say Obama is "nowhere to be seen" isn't quite accurate, given that the young future president's right knee is still somehow visible in the "real" photo:

"So yeah: Jack Cashill is a clownish buffoon. Be sure to tell that to the hosts of Fox & Friends the next time they have him on national television. Also, drop a line to Andrew Breitbart, who is quite enamored of Cashill's "convincing work."
Nov 8, 2011 xxxSTEVExxx commented on Shit Is Fucked Up and Bullshit, But 
Here Are the Stranger Election Control Board's Endorsements for the November 8, 2011, General Election.

Check your envelope. Voters in Seattle, at least, have postage-paid ballots.
Oct 31, 2011 xxxSTEVExxx commented on Shit Is Fucked Up and Bullshit, But 
Here Are the Stranger Election Control Board's Endorsements for the November 8, 2011, General Election.
@47 "I get around fine without a car. Actually almost every single person I know in this city does."

For real? First, I doubt that you know EVERYONE in this city. Second; you haven't been to every part of it, have you? What if you had to catch a bus from SW Roxbury St, or the south end of MLK South, or NE 145th st. Why do people live out there? BECAUSE IT'S CHEAP, much cheaper than your fancy apartment or condo in Capitol Hill. Trouble is, you need a car, especially if you work an odd shift or in an industrial park even farther out in the 'burbs. I'm all for funding public transit, but the $60 car tab fee is a shitty way to do it.
Oct 30, 2011 xxxSTEVExxx commented on The Haunted Bars of Seattle.
fell asleep before the last one. Maybe a real writer could spice these up.
Oct 28, 2011 xxxSTEVExxx commented on Occupy Jamie Dimon.
He should be captured and tried as an enemy of the people.
Oct 24, 2011 xxxSTEVExxx commented on I, Anonymous.
"When I see you perform, I think about..."

"So why do you see him perform?"

Because she's his personal cum-dumpster. Notice the jealousy? "All you do is pose and hug groupies." "Because the thought of the idiot girls around me being attracted to a fool like you makes me want to kill myself slowly in front of you."

But she won't. Because she's a dumb slut with no self-respect.
Oct 24, 2011 xxxSTEVExxx commented on Shit Is Fucked Up and Bullshit, But 
Here Are the Stranger Election Control Board's Endorsements for the November 8, 2011, General Election.
For the details of WHY you should vote against EVERY incumbent on the Seattle School Board, read the Seattle Times' endorsements of them:…

AND THEN, read the COMMENTS for the truth about the utter chaos that is Seattle Public Schools. You don't know half of the shit that's gone on:


Where is the Stranger when this shit needs to be exposed? The Seattle Times is completely owned by the education establishment so they won't write about it, and the P-I online? Who reads that?

Oh and I'm voting against the Families and Education Levy. SACRILEGE! I know, but Seattle Public Schools should quit squandering tens of millions of dollars before they get another dime out of me.

And I'm voting against the regressive $60 additional car tab tax. And so is everyone else. BOO FUCKING HOO. You coke-snorting hipsters on Capitol Hill need to understand that poor people DO own cars, because they depend on them to get from their crappy neighborhoods to their shitty jobs where and when the buses don't go and never will. Not everyone has the luxury to live where you don't need a car and can walk everywhere. I've given up on the bus; I don't have time to spend 1.5 hours to travel 8 miles. I shouldn't have to pay the same for tabs as someone who owns a $100,000 Mercedes. Fuck that shit.

@48: "Looks like research journalism is no longer a requirement for articles in The Stranger..."

This fucking paper is worthless. I've been reading it since the beginning, but mostly out of habit for the past few years. Really, I get more info from the comments section where astute readers deconstruct every stupid paragraph written by the lazy kids who are just playing "journalist" without doing the actual legwork.
Oct 17, 2011 xxxSTEVExxx commented on The Hotel I'm Staying In This Week Is Ugly.
Architects have been making phallic symbols for centuries. Massive stone-hard erections thrusting upward, penetrating the sky with their massive length and girth.…