Sep 23, 2013 fuddy commented on The Breaking Bad Chitty Chat Club!.
The Schwartzes were both wearing yellow, which, as we all know, means sh*t's going down for whomever chooses that lovely shade. They're outta here.

But, I have it on good authority that the last episode is just 75 minutes of Huell sitting in his hotel room looking confused.
Jan 18, 2013 fuddy commented on There's a Little Something For Everyone On the Internet.
Dec 13, 2012 fuddy commented on Is This the Worst Film Review Ever Written?.
"Shortest Distances"

'nuff said.
Nov 30, 2012 fuddy commented on The Ugly History of Cooking.
"feed the trolls, twopence a bag..."
Nov 30, 2012 fuddy commented on Riding In Pysch Lanes.
Heh, while I'm not quite as virulent as Fnarf, I have to say that if you're riding on the sidewalk, please show some respect for the people actually using it for walking (it is called a sideWALK BTW) and not just mow them down because you're on a bike.

I can't tell you how many times I've been told to get out of the way by people on bikes on the sidewalk.

We really do need a better bicycle infrastructure, but until then, share the sidewalk too.
Nov 15, 2012 fuddy commented on The Women in Gen. Petraeus' Life.
The General hasn't said what he was thinking. You're inferring it from a set of images, and the "brain" in your pants.

If you want us to put ourselves in someone else's shoes, shouldn't it be Holly Petraeus'? She's fighting for veterans financial rights while her husband is out snogging a reservist. Blerg.
Nov 6, 2012 fuddy commented on Who Do You Think Is Going to Win the Governor's Race?.
Kindof a self selecting (liberal) poll, no?
Sep 19, 2012 fuddy commented on Frozen "Macaroni & Cheese" Pizza: Why? WHY? WHYYYY???.
They stole it from the Domino's affront to human waistlines:…
Dec 29, 2011 fuddy commented on One More Thing to Worry About.
Just think of the woman wearing a ring that's been lodged in a toilet for 30+ years...…