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Jan 10, 2013 cardboardangel commented on I, Anonymous.
You are a moron. The writer never said this person was their wife... read more carefully. Oh, wait... are you too high on your own arrogance to take the time? I've been an herbalist since I was 14 (I'm now 33) and I use it for both pleasure and pain management, but I harbor no illusions that other people MUST adapt to my choice to smoke... it's my thing, and some don't dig it. So, I use manners and smoke respectfully. Get high before the concert if you must, ya whiners!
Sep 24, 2011 cardboardangel commented on I, Anonymous.
All you bitchy commenters... I don't think this person is looking for your sympathy or even, actually, crying about her mistake. Really, I think this is just a reminder to us all to "be careful what you say in regards to the particular company you are presently keeping" so that whole foot-in-mouth thing is avoided. This came across to me as an IA that is intro/retrospective and not at all balls... or wanky... or self-sorrow-full... just duly noting a personal mistake. Sometimes I say things out loud just so I remember about them... maybe this poster had to write it out so she could remember what NOT to do. I'm just saying...
Mar 25, 2010 cardboardangel commented on Drunk of the Week.
Ahhh... the Juggalos... I've met a few you of you here & around... I've always kinda thought that the ICP were a bit melodramatic, but kinda liked 'em at times... I've been seen in airports gettin skater punks & mothers to listen to "Nothing's Left" in agreement. Go figure. I could find a piece of something ANYWHERE...
Mar 17, 2010 cardboardangel commented on Control Tower.
kungfujew and Rhythm need to meet up in a bar (or coffesshop if they don't drink), get drunk (or at least quench their thirst), argue (I mean politely debate) and then either fuck or fight. Your circular and mutually defensive argument is interesting, but getting old. You can invite Bon too... he/she (sorry don't know which) has alot to say about it too.

Honestly, I bet you'd actually like each other.
Mar 6, 2010 cardboardangel commented on I, Anonymous.
@ 26:

My man is a total crackhead for WoW, and we have great sex every single day. I never play and never will, but I don't mind this addiction of his because 1. it is better than REAL crack 2. it does NOT affect our fantastic sex life 3. he really enjoys it and still takes the time to go to work (he is a commercial fisherman), take walks with me every day, do the dishes whenever I cook, run baths for me when I have bad days, and (most important) turn off the computer when he is getting ready to go out fishing for a few months so we can have quality time...
Sep 30, 2009 cardboardangel commented on New Column!.
Cougars are IT these days!
Sep 30, 2009 cardboardangel commented on Control Tower.
I am a gal who LOVES sucking cock and the reason that I like it is because it makes ME feel DOMINANT... I love being in control of a man, body & mind, during the time that I am sucking him off. If I am doing my job well, then he is so busy reacting to my skill that I am in CONTROL of him. I love it!

And I say this feeling that I'm pretty darn good at giving head... a few men I know agree. One told me that I "give head a guy would leave his wife for" (which in & of itself is dubious, but I'll take it as a compliment). Another told me that I give the best head he has ever had... and that most girls just don't get into it anymore. My favorite guy just says "oh god" alot & tells me how perfect my dirty little mouth is... he gets it most of all.

Maybe I like it because I am good at it...
Maybe I am good at it because I like it...
Maybe some girls don't know what THEY are missing because it is HOT*HOT*HOT to see your man squirm in pleasure as you soak up his load.

And every good man I know will repay the favor.
Sep 30, 2009 cardboardangel joined My Stranger Face