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Single gay guy looking for dates and more

Dec 12, 2013 GymGoth commented on Savage Love.
Please no more acronyms! I'm tired of always having to be lumped in with every non-straight group under the sun. Why can't gay men just have their own separate group? Let's rename it "Guy" as in "I'm guy". It will be for men who want to be with other men. Not trannies, not queens, just MEN.
Dec 5, 2012 GymGoth commented on Savage Love.
The letter writers have only confused the subject. There is a big difference between easily falling in love with someone, desiring multiple sex partners (one at a time), or enjoying group sex. Can poly apply to all three?

When coming out as a gay male the first two are pretty much given usually until you meet the "one" who feels the same about you or once you feel like you've had enough experience (I'm sure this applies to straights too). The third is a sexual activity some people prefer.

If I want to see multiple people until I feel seriously about one or I just want to hook up a lot because I'm not ready to be serious with anyone, that does not make me poly. It's called dating. Notice how many have a "primary" partner. If you were seriously poly no one would be labeled primary.

Dan was correct from the get go. Poly is not an orientation like gay/straight. And it is an identity only so far as your taste in music is.
Oct 25, 2012 GymGoth commented on Savage Love.
24/47: You claim Romney wants to deny gay people equal rights and to vote Republican is against your own interests. Let's unpack that:

Regarding gay marriage, there is still a significant percentage of people who are uncomfortable re-defining marriage (as something other than husband and wife). I agree that the numbers are changing more rapidly than I would have thought.

But let's not forget that well into the 1980's most gay rights groups opposed the very idea of marriage (many of Dan's friends I'm sure). They felt it was trying to pattern straight life too much. Don't believe me, look it up. So let's quit pretending that it is a "basic right" under assault.

If you want to base your presidential vote on a single issue like gay marriage that is of course your right. But I'll be there are many more smart people who know that the gay marriage issue is not going to be controlled by the president. And several "conservative" Supreme Court justices have a libertarian/state's rights orientation and are not going to approve of overturning the state marriage laws.

Liberals would much rather have the Supreme Court "discover" a right to marriage in the Constitution like they did with abortion. But the better strategy is to have them decide it is up to the states.

Finally, smart people know that the president has many more issues to tackle than empathizing with you on gay marriage. I bet those of you graduating from college would prefer to have a job. Or know that we must do something about Medicare and Social Security---not for current seniors but for the next generation. And they don't believe in the kind of nanny state government that dictates all insurance plans must provide contraception with no co-payments.

For those people, the sane vote is for Romney.
Oct 25, 2012 GymGoth commented on Savage Love.
#70- You state these items as facts about Romney which are absolutely false:

"Reverse the executive order that forces hospitals that receive federal money to allow same sex partners the right to hospital visitation." FALSE

"Only appoint supreme court justices who will oppose gay rights." FALSE

Unlike Democrats, Republicans do not apply litmus tests to Supreme Court appointees.
Oct 24, 2012 GymGoth commented on Savage Love.
14/15: I'm glad to see you're such scholars on fiscal conservatism. Maybe you should have applied some to your hero who has racked up the largest deficits and most debt ever with no credible plan to address them.

As I've said countless times before, Dan is both a gay activist and a liberal Democrat activist. But he is unable to separate those roles and blurs the distinction every way he can. That is why he can't fathom a gay person being pro-life or conservative on economic/role of government issues.

But Dan also knows that many young people read his column. And he knows they can be quite impressionable. So he gladly blurs gay issues with liberal issues because he wants to churn out more low information voters for the Democratic Party. In that vein he is not much better than Joseph Goebbels.

Young gay people: it is perfectly okay to hold any political views you like. It's called freedom. Come to Dan for sex, ignore the political bullshit.
Oct 18, 2012 GymGoth commented on Savage Love.
So LIFE, your boyfriend responded to your hypothetical "what to do if I became pregnant" and he said that his preference was that you give the baby up for adoption or keep it. But he went further and acknowledged that you had the legal right to get an abortion.

The question is purely hypothetical because you are not pregant and I am assuming you are using birth control. But you still can't stand the fact that politically he supports restricting abortion? I say he is a VERY lucky man to get rid of you sooner rather than later. What if the next man doesn't hold your political view on global warming, school vouchers, or taxes? Are you going to dump him too?

Opposition to abortion now polls even or ahead of the "pro-choice" side. So what's good for the goose is good for the gander and maybe the plenty of men who are pro-life will rethink their pro-choice girlfriends too.
Oct 13, 2012 GymGoth commented on Savage Love.
@233- You miss the point, people of means should pay their own way period. And it's $9/month at Walmart. I am in favor of free or lowcost BC through Medicaid. My issue is Obama forcing all insurance companies to provide it for free regardless of income. Other people who take regular drugs for diabetes, depression, etc usually have a small co-pay. No reason why one regular drug should not.

@227- You found an abortion positive and life affirming? "A woman deciding if and when to have a child is HER business, period". Abortion is not birth control. A woman has all the choice she needs prior to getting pregnant: BC pills, Norplant, IUD, diaphragm, condoms, tubes tied. Waiting until the miracle of life has occurred and another being is created is not the time to make your "choice".
Oct 11, 2012 GymGoth commented on Savage Love.
The answer to LIFE is one of the stupidest and most disingenuous ever. Are you saying Dan that the boyfriend's belief regarding human life is so insignificant that he should just drop it to make her feel better? Or that you think he will just up and flip his position if she is pregnant?

You are a leftist who believes in coalition politics. Therefore you try to make the ridiculous argument that if you are in favor of gay rights, then you also must support abortion rights, amnesty for illegal aliens, unionized public workers, etc. HOGWASH.

Mixing abortion with contraception is also bullshit. They are not the same. And no one has a constitutional right to free birth control. I agree it makes sense for the poor who can't come up with the $9/month. But for upper class c**ts like Sandra Fluke, the taxpayers or other policy holders don't need to subsidize it for her.

People opposed to abortion have very good grounds for that position and it is pretty heartfelt. To dismiss it and mock it and use it for an excuse to end a relationship is intolerance at its very worse.
Sep 26, 2012 GymGoth commented on Savage Love.
#17: "If he is into his own behind, he will be into hers as well."

What kind of nonsense is that? Does every straight man who wants to fuck his girlfriend anally also must want to be pegged? Did you ever hear of "tops" and "bottoms" in gay relationships? I can go on and on with examples where people do not like done to them what they like to do to others sexually, and vice versa.
Sep 26, 2012 GymGoth commented on Savage Love.
Just for the record, one can be gay and still be turned off by the drag queens, dykes on bikes, and religion-mocking that tend to dominate gay pride parades, without being condescendingly called a "concern troll".

My own experience and those of friends growing up is that we were afraid of coming out because we were embarrassed that our friends and families would associate us with the most flamboyant people visible at pride events.

I concede their bravery in putting their sexual expression out there. But at the same time it does not help closeted young gays if society believes that most gay men are effeminate cross dressers.

And why the gratuitous Mary Cheney insult? If someone disagrees with most of the Democratic platform on primary presidential concerns like the economy and foreign affairs, why should they support it just because of one issue like same-sex marriage? Dan thinks his insults validate him as a gay activist when all they do is validate him as a partisan Democrat.