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I think in all this discussion it is often lost that a lot of the people who rape children *ALSO RAPE ADULTS.*

some pedophiles don't harm children, either directly or by consuming child porn, and on the other hand, a large portion of the people who *do* harm children are *not* pedophiles in that they are also attracted to adults and just don't give a shit about consent, is all.
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clearly the best response she could have given (since she was mad) was take a second, gather her thoughts, and let loose with, oh OK, that's great then, because I was spending that weekend fucking my brother and his boyfriend in the woods.

At that point you establish that either's claims about their post-breakup sexual escapades are exaggerated and untrustworthy and you don't get yourself bent out of shape about them. Then you move out.
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@Meggleberry, it's usually a choice between open adoption and no adoption at all. I'd rather have an immature young girl an in and out presence in her child's life, and therefore feel reassured into giving that child a stable home, than be scared into trying to keep the kid and being way overwhelmed, and raising the child herself, when she really can't do it well at all.
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@116 open adoptions were invented for a reason, and a good one, too.
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those commenters who know the poster, how's she doing now health wise? better?
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no one *told* you to get an abortion. They said you do NOT sound like good mother material, and actually, they're right. You're raising your sister? Why, where's HER mom? Exactly where DID you learn this *maturity* anyway? From the absent mother of THAT baby? Yeah, sounds like wonderful training.

Frankly, if you are simply dismissing as *out of the question* any consideration of abortion, or for that matter, and for some unfathomable reason, adoption, than I kinda question whether you are objectively measuring the quality of life your child will have if you choose to bring it into your world.

Plus, I have yet to figure out how you can tell someone to shut their mouth and yet still ask them to give you advice in the same comment without sounding leotarded.

If you insist on keeping the child for whatever religious beliefs you have, than get child support money from the real father. And relationship wise, be independent. There's no big magical white knight figure out there in the world to come swooping in and fix your problems for you (there isn't any invisible daddy in the sky to fix your messes either but that's a separate issue). Men aren't magic fairies you have to have in your life at all times, and certainly aren't your biggest concern right now. You need financial support for the child's sake, hence the child support, but apart from that, stay out of drama.
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@a skeptic,

if the parent weren't that much older (teen parent) and the child were adopted as an infant, why not?

But once you've been an authority figure in shaping a child's world, nope, sexual access is never ethical ever after.
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"A pet cannot consent, so bestiality's out (thank goodness)"

I dunno, I've seen dogs that appear to love to lick EVERYTHING, I don't really like dogs but I can't imagine there exists not a single dog in the entire world that spontaneously decides to like it's naked owner. Pretty sure that'd be consent on the dog's part, maybe not the owners, lol. And cat's purr. Possibly not up to par to commercial vibrators, but pretty sure as long as it's purring it's not complaining.

Anyway, this is party for those of you who were complaining this thread was too kink-less ;)
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Manson's really old too. And it was a long time ago. Let's let them out!