Jan 5 tensor commented on We Still Get Great Comments (From Great Commenters) Here On Slog.
I'm proud to say it is the excellent comments of our exquisite Mz. Vel-DuRay which keep bringing me back to Slog -- in fact, I found this thread by searching the site for her latest & greatest commentary. Keep moving and shaking us, my dear!
Dec 8, 2016 tensor commented on Just So We're Clear, Ohio, Banning Abortion at Six Weeks is Effectively Banning Abortion Completely.
@1, Donate at http://www.naral.org. Volunteer at https://www.prochoicewashington.org

@2, The state-mandated childbirth crowd has "won by losing" for well over forty years now. They have a reliable source of funds to push an agenda which they will never achieve, and until that reliable source of funds dries up (by the natural deaths of all the 'Christian' suckers who are too old to be affected personally by an abortion ban), we're stuck with this nonsense.

Even after that blessed day arrives, America will always have a market for the banning things only "other people" (in this case, poor women) do.
Dec 8, 2016 tensor commented on The Morning News: Eastern Washington Wants to Become Its Own State, Snow Is Expected Today.
Those of us who have lived here for awhile recall that there are various "secession" efforts from time to time. Back in the '90s, the rural highlands of King County talked about seceding, egged on by the irresponsible flatulators at KV-lie (KVI-AM, for newcomers). Once they understood their taxes would go up, not down, their secessionist fervor waned accordingly.

Ironically, we might face the same kind of reckoning now, not because of the folks in Eastern Washington, but because of the "McCleary" decision and the ST3 vote, both of which will put a huge squeeze on Eastern Washington's pork barrel (that is, Olympia).
Dec 3, 2016 tensor commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: We Will Never Get Closure On CLOSURE.
"She didn't disclose her unhappiness, until she walked out the door. That is no way to treat a friend and lover."

We don't know that she was unhappy, just that she decided she didn't want to be with him anymore. Perhaps she didn't understand this until she actually spent vacation time with him and understood it for the first time herself.

Meanwhile, if he's still hoping to get he to return to him, let's hope the original LW sees the value of this:

Oct 30, 2016 tensor commented on The Best Happy Hours in Seattle for Beer Geeks.
Great list! Please don't forget the Queen Anne Beer Hall and the Optimism Brewery. Both are great spaces to enjoy the beers served there.

The Hopvine remains a Seattle beer pub in the best sense of the word. Were it not for the HDTV monitor, it would look exactly the same as it did in the 1990s, right down to the framed column by Vince Cottone, legendary beer writer for the Seattle P-I.

(Oh, and while the Pike Brewery is once again owned by the founders, it went through a period where a big scary multi-national beverage company owned it. Perhaps our once-great Elysian will be reborn someday as well.)
Oct 30, 2016 tensor commented on Hillary Clinton Is Now on the Offensive About the Emails.
"good lord I can't wait until the election is over, and the trolls crawl back to where they came from."

No such luck, pal. Those same folks will swallow and regurgitate endless conspiracy theories for her entire time in office. Bear in mind the Wall Street Journal's whacked-out editorial page was, in mid-2001, still trying to prove that FDR had advance warning of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Yep, almost sixty years after the fact, FDR's haters were still at it. (That crew was soon redeployed to prove how W had not known in advance of any planned attack 9/11, no way, no how, no sir. Pay no attention to the Presidential Daily Brief of 6 August 2001.)

Also note there are now middle-aged American right-wingers who have spent *their entire adult lives* hating Hillary Clinton. Why would they suddenly let mere facts get in the way of doing that now?
Oct 30, 2016 tensor commented on FBI Finds New Clinton Emails in Anthony Weiner Investigation.
"That was pretty manic."

If we think these people sound unhinged now, just wait until after the election. This Thanksgiving may see the all-time high of conspiracy theory promulgation, as sane Americans wait and wait and wait and wait for their FOX-viewing patriarchs to stop yelling about Hillary and just carve the damned turkey already.
Oct 15, 2016 tensor commented on Michelle Obama Denounces Trump's "Locker Room" Talk the Way Republicans Should Have.
"Does semen on a blue dress count?"

Not big on the concept of "consent," are we?

"And it's pretty impressive that Paula Jones was able to cash in for $850,000 with no evidence...."

Her case was dismissed. Still not big on the concept of evidence, either, eh?

"And wasn't there something about an impeachment?"

Yes, a pack of lying adulterers impeached him for lying about his private life. Their case collapsed in the senate for lack of -- all together now! -- evidence. Care to run down the list of sexual misconducts to which his impeachers were later forced to admit? (Nope, didn't think so...)

Juanita Broaddrick – who was raped by Bill Clinton...

But denied it in a sworn affidavit. (Evidence, how does it work?!?)

You keep raging, we'll keep laughing.
Oct 15, 2016 tensor commented on Michelle Obama Denounces Trump's "Locker Room" Talk the Way Republicans Should Have.
The American Right long ago decided Bill Clinton was many kinds of sexual predator, and little details like evidence didn't matter one bit. Now their very own chosen Maximum Leader may actually be guilty of some of what they accused Bill Clinton of doing, and the gibbering, spluttering, decreasingly-coherent meltdown seen here is one delicious result.

Go go go Confuser Commonfarcicus! Just a few short weeks remain in which to entertain us with your sanity's painfully-funny death spiral!
Oct 12, 2016 tensor commented on Is Pornography Use a Public Health Crisis?.
"Tensor, I'm not playing into anybody's hands."

Just the people who want to blame pornography for pre-existing problems internal to the viewer. You know, like Republicans in our state's senate, who blamed pornography for erectile dysfunction.

"This is a discussion about the effects porn might be having on human sexuality."

Maybe that's what you think you're doing, but it's neither the point of the article, nor of most of the other comments. (In fact, it's about the irrelevance of pornography in the origins of certain problems.)

"How much effect does it have on developing minds,"

Which is also not the point of this article. Here's a clue as to what the real point was:

"Blaming porn is a distraction from the real social ills that put women and children at risk."

In other words, the exact polar opposite of, "Close down porn that shows females as mere objects used for male pleasure,"

Little wonder you were confused.