Sep 15, 2015 tensor commented on Princess Leia's Teeny-Weeny Sex-Slave Bikini.
Princess Leia is such a badass she can hold her own in a desert fire-fight, wearing nothing but a bikini -- and her weapon is a goddamned chain which is almost as heavy as she is. Even Imperator Furiosa had a fully-armed War Rig and plenty guns.

Just like he keeps Han Solo frozen on his wall, unable to worm his way out of a situation,

Best one-line description of Han Solo EVER.
Sep 10, 2015 tensor commented on Here’s How the City Could Stop Those Special Move-In Deals for Tech Workers.
Outlawing these incentives would remove a tool our local employers use for encouraging top talent to move here. Employers in other cities would still be free to use such incentives.

Wake me up when The Stranger and these City Council candidates are willing to up-zone Capitol Hill to 40-50 stories and kick NIMBYs to the curb. Whining about how employers and landlords encourage more high-income people to live here is cheap, easy, and worse than useless.
Sep 1, 2015 tensor commented on Seattle Police Officers Accused of Lying About Racial Bias Complaints in the Arrest of William Wingate.
My problem has less to do with racial bias, and more to do with Officer Whitlach arresting a harmless old guy when the ongoing mess of Cal Anderson Park was several blocks away. Any officer feeling the need to make more arrests can just go there and do it all day long.
Aug 30, 2015 tensor commented on Landlords Are Giving Special Deals to Amazon and Microsoft Workers.
A reduced or eliminated move-in deposit (holding fee, &c.) just means the renter gets a (bigger) bill at move-out time. The landlord is betting the prospective renter will just pay the bill quietly at departure. Conversely, a higher move-in deposit is the landlord hedging his bet against the risk of a troublesome tenant.

I do like all of the yelling about discrimination -- does the student body at Lake Washington Technical College sound like a haven for rich male WASPs?
Aug 21, 2015 tensor commented on I, Anonymous.
"The voters in the city are selfish enough to make laws that prevent large buildings from being constructed and then stupid enough to blame high rents on other people. The voters of this state can't even raise a soda tax let alone raise enough money to meet our transportation needs."

Bingo. This city has been refusing to plan adequately for over a century -- City Engineer Bogue's excellent plan for civic progress was rejected by voters in 1912 -- and now we're straining to accommodate the very growth we should be grateful to have:

"You know what's worse than Amazon moving here and bringing people with them? No big business moving here and people leaving here to find work. You know what's worse than your favorite coffee shop closing and being replaced with Starbucks? Your favorite coffee shop closing and being replaced with NOTHING. You know what's worse than 5,000 job openings in a high paying industry? No job openings and underemployment."

Right on. The problems we're having come from the collision between what we need, and our failure to plan for what we need.
Aug 19, 2015 tensor commented on The GOP Wants to End Birthright Citizenship.
"Once again, I will state that I don't think the US owes your parents an environment where they will be able to raise a child who is not a citizen or legal resident of this country."

The text of the 14th Amendment is not in any way ambiguous. Any person born in the US is a citizen of the US.

I'm with Dan. Watching the modern Republican Party commit electoral suicide by repudiating the Republican Party which passed the 14th Amendment will be very delicious.

"The 14th Amendment is also where we get corporate personhood, and that could use a revisit too."

Bingo! The irony, it burns...
Aug 10, 2015 tensor commented on Guest Editorial: Why Saturday's Bernie Sanders Rally Left Me Feeling Heartbroken.
"Real leadership by the local politicians present would have been trying to mediate this disruption so that the those who came to see a presidential candidate speak ( how rare is that)could have rather than after the fact editorials."

Bingo. The huge amount of organization needed to get a presidential candidate to speak in Seattle, detailed by Sen. Jayapal in her editorial, was utterly squandered by the lack of political leadership *at the rally itself*. Also totally squandered were the time and dedication of thousands of local citizens, who were denied the appearance and speech they had been promised by the organizers. Sunny weekend afternoons are a scarce resource for citizens of Seattle, and now Sen. Jayapal and her fellow organizers wasted one of those great days as well.

Whatever Sen. Jayapal learns from this event, I hope it includes a future resolution not to allow guests -- Sen. Sanders and the 5,000 attendees -- to be mistreated and their valuable political support squandered.
Aug 3, 2015 tensor commented on Mayor Murray Loses Spine, Comes Out Against His Own Committee's Recommendation for Increased Density.
So will it be with Mayor "flip-flop". He'll go back and forth, take consensus polls, read the newspaper editorials and eventually come up with a city wide zoning plan.

And that plan will pass through the City Council via the same magic, no doubt.

Look, the entire point of this story is that even the smallest proposed changes in the zoning of SF neighborhoods provoked a huge political backlash. You're now claiming much larger changes will magically happen without any political work being done. I'll ask you again: how do you propose to build a political coalition to change zoning in SF neighborhoods? (Hint: antagonizing voters who likely agree with you, such as residents of Capitol Hill, is not a good answer.)

Meanwhile, we'll pay attention to your blather about $15Now after you explain why the Seattle-Bellevue-Tacoma area -- you know, the part of our state with the highest minimum wages -- has an unemployment rate below our state's average.
Aug 1, 2015 tensor commented on Mayor Murray Loses Spine, Comes Out Against His Own Committee's Recommendation for Increased Density.
@58 -- I wasn't asking if you wanted higher density in what are now SF neighborhoods. I was noting the fact your precious "free-market" solution won't happen without changing zoning laws. This was supposed to hint that you need to tell us how this huge political change will happen. Instead, you gave more smug lectures.

Blathering your made-up nonsense about "free markets," old lies about the minimum wage causing problems, and fabricating dinner menus all do nothing to prove whatever point(s) you thought you made.
Jul 31, 2015 tensor commented on Mayor Murray Loses Spine, Comes Out Against His Own Committee's Recommendation for Increased Density.
No smug lectures....just a plain speaking, simple explanation of the facts.

But that "better utilization" in Single-Family neighborhoods can't happen because our current zoning laws won't let it. Changing those laws is a political issue your smug lectures have yet to address.