Mar 3 tensor commented on The Morning News: Arlington Eagle Dies of Lead Poisoning, Seattle's Transit Fastest-Growing in the Nation, Sound Transit Taxes Are Good For You.

Don, you never cease to amuse. As mentioned elsewhere in this thread, there is no indication the person in the image is wearing a burqa. A burqa is not usually made of patterned fabric, as the garment under the blue jacket clearly is.

@40: Just admit that someone in Magnolia who calls a plumber is probably going to get a visit from a firm in Interbay. The longer you drag this out, the sillier you look.
Feb 13 tensor commented on Republican Lawmaker Uses Form E-mail to Blast People Who Send Him Form E-mails.
Pay attention to the tone of what you just wrote.

Pay attention to the substance of your claim @11, and compare it to the documented facts at the link I provided. The money flows in the opposite direction from the way you claimed, and the entire rest of your posts @11 and @12 depend upon your false claim. When informed it was in fact false, you simply continued lecturing as if it was true. In what universe does lecturing your audience on the basis of a falsehood not insult them? Why are you so immune to your own advice? Do urban liberals simply not deserve the courtesy you keep demanding we provide to others?

Your patronizing claim to the contrary notwithstanding, voters in rural Washington are indeed voting rationally, and based upon their correct perception of their best interests. In the most recent budget analysis, taxpayers in King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties provided over 60% of the state's tax revenues. The other 33 counties thus provided just over 1% each (!). When it comes to state government, rural voters give little and receive much, which is why they sensibly vote to keep things as they are. So long as this current situation persists, I wish you the best of luck selling rural voters on tax increases to pay for your grand glittering dreams of infrastructure.

Your claim that we urban liberals should pander to the misinformed tribalism of rural voters, and be oh-so-careful not to disturb their po' widdle fee-fees with our harsh statements of reality. The long and violent history of the Twentieth Century should have taught us something about pandering to irrational tribalism, and why educated persons should never, ever acquiesce to it.

We urban liberals can respond to rural voters biting of our hand which feeds them not by being ever so solicitous of their feelings toward the truth, but simply by withdrawing our hand. Given how you've here encouraged them to believe they are subsidizing Seattle, instead of the way subsidies really flow, they might well get behind a measure to limit state government expenditures within a county to the taxes paid by voters in that county. Should they agree to such a plan, will you be there to tell them why their taxes must now rapidly rise as funds for schools and roads decline?

As for your tiresome position as our self-appointed Miss Manners, I don't need your permission to get into an extended dialog with your imaginary rural friends, with you judging me most harshly at my every utterance. My Seattle-based employer recently opened an office in Eastern Washington, and I spend quite a bit of time out there. My new co-workers there are quite forthright about the challenges they face, and my employer is happy to have such a great local workforce.

Finally, it's spelled "Pend Oreille County."
Feb 12 tensor commented on Republican Lawmaker Uses Form E-mail to Blast People Who Send Him Form E-mails.
@11-12: What a load of garbage.

"...Democrat vs Republican as it was pro-Seattle and anti-Seattle. People east of the Cascades resented being asked to pay for things that didn't benefit them."

Our state government in Olympia is a mechanism for transferring wealth from the urban and liberal regions of our state to the rural and conservative areas ("Welfare State", The Stranger, 10 February 2011). In return for paving roads and building schools in Eastern Washington, we Seattle liberals get diatribes like yours. It's not a worthwhile exchange for us.

As for the glittering infrastructure you want to build, Republicans in SW WA killed the Columbia River Crossing because they were ideologically opposed to mass transit. Good luck with that.

Republicans get elected and stay elected peddling attitudes like yours to rural constituencies which refuse to admit they are receiving subsidies from urban liberals. Your rhetoric here simply encourages such dishonest politics. Should we all work together? Of course we should. Instead of typing your angry and contrafactual diatribes in this urban liberal forum, get out to the rural areas and get them to stop swallowing the lies they want to believe from politicians who obstruct our progress.
Feb 11 tensor commented on Trump's Sweeping Immigration Raids Have Started.
...suddenly see the price of produce in their local grocery store shoot up a couple hundred percent...

I'm actually looking forward to that. As I am to the owners of large farms and orchards in Eastern Washington who voted for Trump having to pay $$$ to keep their crops from rotting at harvest time.

Elections, consequences, etc.

This could be the incentive to reform both our immigration and agricultural policies.
Feb 11 tensor commented on Trump's Sweeping Immigration Raids Have Started.
"Capitalism, especially in the USA, depends on cheap/free labor."

Certain models of capitalism do (just as certain models of socialism have) but the great thing about this policy is it will expose the blatant hypocrisy which continues to inf…:

MERCED, Calif. — Jeff Marchini and others in the Central Valley here bet their farms on the election of Donald J. Trump. His message of reducing regulations and taxes appealed to this Republican stronghold, one of Mr. Trump’s strongest bases of support in the state.

As for his promises about cracking down on illegal immigrants, many assumed Mr. Trump’s pledges were mostly just talk. But two weeks into his administration, Mr. Trump has signed executive orders that have upended the country’s immigration laws. Now farmers here are deeply alarmed about what the new policies could mean for their workers, most of whom are unauthorized, and the businesses that depend on them.

(H/t to commenter Ima Dunce at

We've dishonestly depended upon cheap, undocumented labor in our country for a very long time. It's time to end the practice, by ensuring a real path to citizenship exists for all persons who labor for us here. These abusive raids are, paradoxically enough, a good place to start.
Jan 5 tensor commented on We Still Get Great Comments (From Great Commenters) Here On Slog.
I'm proud to say it is the excellent comments of our exquisite Mz. Vel-DuRay which keep bringing me back to Slog -- in fact, I found this thread by searching the site for her latest & greatest commentary. Keep moving and shaking us, my dear!
Dec 8, 2016 tensor commented on Just So We're Clear, Ohio, Banning Abortion at Six Weeks is Effectively Banning Abortion Completely.
@1, Donate at Volunteer at

@2, The state-mandated childbirth crowd has "won by losing" for well over forty years now. They have a reliable source of funds to push an agenda which they will never achieve, and until that reliable source of funds dries up (by the natural deaths of all the 'Christian' suckers who are too old to be affected personally by an abortion ban), we're stuck with this nonsense.

Even after that blessed day arrives, America will always have a market for the banning things only "other people" (in this case, poor women) do.
Dec 8, 2016 tensor commented on The Morning News: Eastern Washington Wants to Become Its Own State, Snow Is Expected Today.
Those of us who have lived here for awhile recall that there are various "secession" efforts from time to time. Back in the '90s, the rural highlands of King County talked about seceding, egged on by the irresponsible flatulators at KV-lie (KVI-AM, for newcomers). Once they understood their taxes would go up, not down, their secessionist fervor waned accordingly.

Ironically, we might face the same kind of reckoning now, not because of the folks in Eastern Washington, but because of the "McCleary" decision and the ST3 vote, both of which will put a huge squeeze on Eastern Washington's pork barrel (that is, Olympia).
Dec 3, 2016 tensor commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: We Will Never Get Closure On CLOSURE.
"She didn't disclose her unhappiness, until she walked out the door. That is no way to treat a friend and lover."

We don't know that she was unhappy, just that she decided she didn't want to be with him anymore. Perhaps she didn't understand this until she actually spent vacation time with him and understood it for the first time herself.

Meanwhile, if he's still hoping to get he to return to him, let's hope the original LW sees the value of this:
Oct 30, 2016 tensor commented on The Best Happy Hours in Seattle for Beer Geeks.
Great list! Please don't forget the Queen Anne Beer Hall and the Optimism Brewery. Both are great spaces to enjoy the beers served there.

The Hopvine remains a Seattle beer pub in the best sense of the word. Were it not for the HDTV monitor, it would look exactly the same as it did in the 1990s, right down to the framed column by Vince Cottone, legendary beer writer for the Seattle P-I.

(Oh, and while the Pike Brewery is once again owned by the founders, it went through a period where a big scary multi-national beverage company owned it. Perhaps our once-great Elysian will be reborn someday as well.)