May 29, 2012 RBS commented on McDermott Plans to Endorse I-502, Following the Lead of His Challenger.
In Comment # 10 above, portobserver makes some serious and completely false assertions. It would be so helpful if people would do a little research and check the facts before launching hostile broadsides Below is a summary of what actually happened. One of the reasons that I so strongly support Jim McDermott is that he has never used his office to make money illicitly.

In the book “Throw Them All Out” the book’s author, Peter Schweizer, asserts that an investment made for Congressman McDermott’s IRA Account in the Canadian company ID Biomedical in June 2004 was somehow improper. The assertion is false. It is a sensationalized in disregard of the facts:

First, Mr. Schweizer tries to connect the Congressman’s investment in ID Biomedical on June 2nd, 2004 with his vote on July 14th, 2004 for the Project Bioshield Act, and then with the awarding of a competitive National Institutes of Health grant in September of 2004.

But these three events were unrelated. The grant that was awarded to ID Biomedical was not from the Project Bioshield program but from another longstanding grant program in NIH. Project Bioshield had not yet been funded when ID Biomedical was awarded its small grant. It takes at least six months to get a program up-and-running. The first grants for Project Bioshield were in May 2005. So ID Biomedical did not benefit from the grant program funded by the bill that Mr. McDermott voted for.

Second, the Congressman actually voted against the law that funded the September 2004 grant to ID Biomedical. On July 10th, 2003, Mr. McDermott voted against both the House and final version of the Labor Health and Human Services funding law for 2004. It was that law, not the June 18, 2004 vote cited by Mr. Schweizer, that actually did fund the 2004 grant that ID Biomedical recieved.

Third, the 2004 grant was a competitive grant awarded under the Bush Administration. As a Congressman, Mr. McDermott has no influence over who wins competitive grants awarded by the NIH or any other department of the Executive Branch. Congressman McDermott had no knowledge that ID Biodmedical had applied for a grant.

Fourth, the rise in ID Biomedical stock value was attributable not to winning a small NIH grant, but to the fact that it was bought out by a much larger company, an event that no public investors, including the Congressman, had any prior knowledge of.

Fifth, the Congressman did not benefit in any way from any investment based on non-public information. His financial consultant manages his portfolio. All stock-picking and timing is initiated by his financial consultant based on the consultant’s own research and analysis. That was the case here.

Mr. Schweizer’s assertion in his book is baseless. Mr. Schweizer never contacted Mr. McDermott’s office about his irresponsible and wholly false assertion. That is unsurprising, given that he is the William J. Casey Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution.
May 25, 2012 RBS commented on McDermott Plans to Endorse I-502, Following the Lead of His Challenger.
Dr McDermott is of course a physician and has done an incredible amount of good in promoting general health and well being, perhaps more than anyone else in Congress. To be reelected he must choose.which issues to publicly endorse. This is far from a one issue election and he should wisely decide which opposition he provokes, while strictly honoring his values and commitments. I believe that he has no peer in government for doing just that. In fact i think that the marijuana referendum is such an issue that merits his support and I am elated that we have his support.
Oct 6, 2009 RBS joined My Stranger Face
Oct 6, 2009 RBS joined My Stranger Face
Oct 6, 2009 RBS reviewed Bathhouse Theater.
From the selection of the material, the design of the set, costumes, lighting, sound, and props to the direction, casting and acting. Tryst is as good as theater gets!!! The play has wonderful twists as it works its way through the tryst in its title and the two characters offer bravura performances throughout the two acts. The audience is drawn into the lives of the principal characters in a way that is rarely matched.
Seattle is beyond fortunate to have theater of this quality. This offering is a must see.
Richard Stuart