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Mar 23 Aaaarrrggh commented on In Case You Needed Another Reminder to Get Yourself Vaccinated....
The anti-vax ideology is actually one of the few issues that unites the political extremes. The anti-vax left is driven by looney pharma conspiracies, while the anti-vax right is driven by anti big government conspiracies.
Nov 13, 2016 Aaaarrrggh commented on President Pence Is Happening.
@38 I absolutely agree. I mean just look at @40.
Nov 12, 2016 Aaaarrrggh commented on President Pence Is Happening.
@16. I think the third party question is a bit of a Rorschach test.

Check my math. Clinton lost Michigan by less than 12k votes. Stein got 50k. Clinton lost Wisconsin by 27k votes and Stein got 31k. So that is 26 electoral college votes right there and takes her to 244. For Florida, Clinton lost by less than the total of the Libertarian and Green votes, so it depends on what assumptions you want to make about how many Libertarian voters would have voted Dem if they had a different candidate. And I know some have admitted that. But she would have needed all the Green and 56k of Libertarian vote (27%) so is that realistic? It is interesting that in 2012, 44k voted for Johnson and this year the number was 206k so where did those voters come from, GOP or Dem? As you say, GOP turn out was the same as 2012 and Dem turnout was lower but Libertarians tend to favor the GOP so....I think it's possible that third party voting cost Clinton but my guesstimated probability is less than 50%. Basically it's impossible to definitively answer the question and will give us something to argue about for years to come.

Interestingly, it looks like Clinton lost by as little as 160k votes - the total difference between her and Trump in WI, MI, and FL - but won the popular vote by just under 400k.

In the end I agree with you that the big reason Clinton lost was the low Democrat turnout. And one frustrating thing about that people realize they don't have to vote for the President? I mean, just vote Dem in your Senate race and write whoever the fuck you want as President. But as the saying goes "Republicans fall into line and Democrats fall to pieces".
Apr 9, 2015 Aaaarrrggh commented on Do You Know What's on Your Weed?.
Wait, isn't pyrethrin a pesticide that can be used on organic crops?

And doesn't smoking cause cancer?
Feb 14, 2015 Aaaarrrggh commented on The Morning News: Seattle’s New Plan to End Traffic Deaths; Anti-Vaxxers Could Be Hurting Local Economy.
@25 ummm, well, let's see, the American Association of Pediatrics has a policy position that religious exemptions should be repealed but a frothing-at-the-mouth commenter on slog thinks I'm ignorant, and doing harm equivalent to those not vaccinating their children, for saying the same thing.
Feb 13, 2015 Aaaarrrggh commented on The Morning News: Seattle’s New Plan to End Traffic Deaths; Anti-Vaxxers Could Be Hurting Local Economy.
@20 Don't agree with your equating this to condom use during the HIV epidemic. Unless it was rape, not using condoms is a mutual decision between consenting adults that know the risk and HIV is a difficult virus to accidentally transmit (like, to someone sitting next to you). This is about parents free-riding on, and compromising, the herd immunity of the society they live in, for no defensible reason, with the end result of putting vulnerable people who need that herd immunity at serious risk.

I’ll leave it to the health care professionals (and you) to be the good cop and form a circle of trust and sing kumbaya at these people, the rest of us just need an initiative to remove the personal and religious exemptions. Or at least, not allow those kids in public schools and, hey, make it a felony for them to be at any location with more than 1000 people – you want the “freedom” not to vaccinate, fine, send your kid to a private school (after all, freedom isn’t free.) and stay at home and watch that sporting event on TV. When you make it difficult/painful to get an exemption the vaccination rates will increase back to a safe level. Oh yeah, and reaching out. Do that too. Have fun with it.

@21 – yep – both political extremes are guilty of this personal exemption bullshit. Two of the top five counties with incomplete vaccination rates in WA are rabidly Democrat (San Juan and Jefferson) and the rest of the top five are made up of the Republican nutjobs in the NE (Okanogan, Pend Oreille and Ferry).
Feb 13, 2015 Aaaarrrggh commented on The Morning News: Seattle’s New Plan to End Traffic Deaths; Anti-Vaxxers Could Be Hurting Local Economy.
@8 WTF?

I mean, I agree, anti-vaxxers shouldn't be hated. They should be publicly identified so we can shame and shun them. But not hated.
Feb 9, 2015 Aaaarrrggh commented on Today in the Republican War on Public Health: Glenn Beck Calls Measles Outbreak a "Hoax," Rand Paul Belonged to AIDS Truther Organization.
Bill Mahar also had some insightful and well reasoned commentary about vaccines recently:…

hahahaha. just kidding. He even starts the show with "I'm not an anti-vaxxer but......". Take down here:…
Jan 23, 2015 Aaaarrrggh commented on Elysian Brewing Company Sold to Anheuser-Busch.
@16 subpar? Jolly Roger is one of the best Xmas beers on the market and their Islander Pale is a great session beer (and the dry hopped is even better). And at least they can make a very drinkable lager unlike most microbreweries in the NW.