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Oct 20, 2012 Daniel J commented on Required Viewing: Maddow on Romney's LIES About His Position on Abortion.

I don't think of Romney so much as a liar anymore.

He probably doesn't think he's lying.

What he does is say whatever it is he thinks his current audience wants to hear.

He'll say ANYTHING to get elected. Which is even more disturbing than simple deception, it shows some pretty disturbing mental/ethical issues.
Oct 13, 2012 Daniel J commented on Everything Is Better When Morgan Freeman Narrates It.
The whole asking if you're better off now than 4 years ago wasn't a very smart play by the Repubs.
At first reaction you might knee-jerk and say no, but if you remember what a serious shit-storm this country was in back then? Waaaaayyyyyy better off.
People need to be reminded of just how bad it was when W left office.
Jul 10, 2012 Daniel J commented on The Morning News: Biden Comes to Seattle, Egypt's Dissolved Parliament Convenes, Alligators Bite, and More!.
It's called a House Boat. It's a nice one, and probably more mobile than those on Lake Union, but it's still just a house boat.
Jun 19, 2012 Daniel J commented on Microsoft "Surface" Sucks.
Surface was chosen because of the Surf, when it's launched it'll be the Surfboard.
Jun 12, 2012 Daniel J commented on The Gay Parenting Study That Didn't Study Gay Parents.

Regnerus is challenging Paul Cameron for the fake-science crown.

Do you know how many of the respondents in this study reported having gay parentS (a couple in a stable relationship)?


Let's count them. One, two.

Yeah, great study.

May 8, 2012 Daniel J commented on I Am Not Emotionally Prepared for the Predators' Hockey Season to Be Over.
@19 Rangers - Devils will be a very hard series, and I say that as a life-long Rangers fan.

I've been hoping for a Rangers - Kings final since they started out plastering the Canucks - it would be a great finals. Quick vs. Lundquist, epic goalie battle.

Last nights game was a sign of destiny - it's usually the Rangers that are on the sorry end of those miraculous comebacks. Just beat the fucking Caps for once Rangers!
Mar 4, 2012 Daniel J commented on Slog Bible Study: Deuteronomy 7.

So, this lord dude admits there are other gods, over which he apparently has no power.

So much for that all-powerful omnipotent thing.

Is there any substance in that book that isn't contradicted?
Feb 26, 2012 Daniel J commented on Slog Bible Study: Revelation 12:1-6.
Elegant proof that the Egyptians really did visit the new world.
And they brought Peyote back with them.
Feb 16, 2012 Daniel J commented on Ticketed Valentine Gets "Education" In Lieu of $44 Fine.
I hope he's ready for all the other people that are going to come to his office and request 'education' rather than the fine.

Will they get 'satisfaction' as well?

I also hope the parking enforcement officers have this whiny douche's car tagged.
Feb 15, 2012 Daniel J commented on Ticketed Valentine Seeks Parking Justice.
Neither you or he mention what time it was when he came back to his car, not that it really matters all that much.
Expired is expired, end of story.