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Oct 9, 2009 Doggielover commented on Savage Love.
You all are denying dogs to have sex in a one dog household. Not letting a dog to enjoy blowing their loads when needed, such. How would you feel if you were not aloud to ever have sex, or to jerk yourself off for life. You would go crazy. What do you feel the dogs are going through. If a male dog is willing to mount and screw a person, and if the person wants the dog to screw them, so let it be. They are both consenting to the act of sex. Besides, dog sex is a so much safer than human sex, and also it smells and tastes much better than human sex. I love my dogs............!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 9, 2009 Doggielover joined My Stranger Face
Oct 9, 2009 Doggielover commented on Savage Love.
I am in love with my dogs. So much more than all the other people. I don't want to be excepted, just to be left along to do what I and my dogs enjoy doing with each other. No one is getting hurt, harmed, nor abused. All of us are consenting to the acts.