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Mar 7, 2013 Packeteer commented on Advice Cop: Prudie Blow a Tiny Dick....
Saletan's using the example of martial arts to prove people who are looking for pain is just wrong. Many martial arts classes are basically martial art inspired dance classes. If you actually attend an MMA style school these days asking someone to beat the living crap out of you while you don't block is just something training partners do to toughen each other up.

I always did suspect that occasionally someone who came into an MMA gym in Seattle was enjoying receiving the beatings a little bit more than just for training purposes. Having plenty of gay friends myself this didn't bother me but I could not help thinking I was in on their secret that would not have been accepted by most meat heads training at those gyms.

Has anyone else ever suspected a closeted/bi/curious guy has shown up for martial arts to receive an ass whooping by a bunch of young, fit, sweaty, shirtless, dudes?
Mar 5, 2013 Packeteer commented on Even More Comicon Costumes.
Hoverhand alert at 1:02 in the video.
Feb 2, 2013 Packeteer commented on Goldy: I Know You're a Man and Therefore Always Entitled to Be Right But on the Issue of Birth Control, You Are Wrong.
Does the Westboro Baptist represent all Christians? Do terrorists represent all Muslims? Surely anyone can understand how one group of people does not represent an entire society.

Then why does one compromise by politicians represent all of society as is claimed in this SLOG post? Politicians engage in politics which never makes anyone completely happy. The criticism by Jocelyn in this article are really just a criticism of how a democracy works.

No you won't ever have an unmitigated victory in a democracy, deal with it. In fact for women this is unmitigated victory because for them they will get their healthcare for free. The only difference is that the government has agreed to pay the cost instead of forcing the business to do it.

Say this this is any kind of failure by the president of democrats is crying like a little child. The only difference between what we got from our politicians and what we want from them is that we can't stick it to bigoted religious groups.

This reminds me of a child who wants another child's toy. When an adult offers to buy a second toy the child says it isn't good enough because they want the other child to be without theirs.

This is a massive political victory, deal with it.
Feb 2, 2013 Packeteer commented on SL Letter of the Day: Independent But In Love.
I think the real answer is to just answer the question she asked. Yes, it is unusual to want your own space? So what?
Nov 6, 2012 Packeteer commented on I Just Encountered a Non-Voter.
Was this person Goldy?
Sep 27, 2012 Packeteer commented on Why Lawyers Shouldn't Write to Customers.
Allow me to translate. I have worked in VoIP telephony for years and I can explain. Before we get going on the explanation let me tell you right now this means nothing to the average consumer and is a good thing to everyone other than outright scammers.

There is a practice known as "traffic pumping" that takes advantage of the regulation in this country designed to bring phone and internew service to rural users. We would all agree here on SLOG that ignorant rednecks are often ignorant in part because they have limited access to information outside of Fox news. In an attempt to bring peoplem living in rural regions phone and internet access the rate at which large carriers (CenturyLink and so on) are charged to make calls to rural areas is increased. The rural phone companies have the same cost for multi-million dollar phone switches as you would have in a city and they have lower call volume.

Traffic pumping is where companies providing cheap calling cards or free internet phone calls are actually shady operations based in rural areas. They have a very fast internet connection leading to a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. They use the fast internet connection to divert internet phone calls (VoIP mentioned in the letter) to the regular phone system (PSTN mentioned in the letter).

ATT is obligated to accept those phone calls to their customers based in cities and they are obligated to pay the rural company huge fees for accepting the call. This is required by law in the USA.

The net result is that when someone in New York makes a call to someone down the street using these calling cards or internet sites the call is routed through Kansas and a company that doesn't need to exist charges ATT $50 for a short phone call. ATT is stuck with the bill for a consumer just trying to make a "free" call.

FWIW I worked for a small VoIP provider based in Seattle, not a mega-corporation. They were getting HAMMERED with the expenses and had to lay people off because of it. Small business have been shut down by this scam and large mega-corporations have had their profits disappear across whole swaths of the business. The scammers laugh all the way to the bank.

This change is good but the reason it was phrases the way it is was because you can ignore it unless you intend to siphon money off a system designed to help rural people.

The only problem for consumers is that some previously free services will be shut down.
Dec 26, 2011 Packeteer commented on First They Came for the Cupcakes, and I Didn't Speak Out Because I Wasn't a Cupcake.
@1 That is not a good test to determine if something is not poison or a bomb. A suicide bomber would happily drink explosives knowing he is going to die soon anyway.
Dec 16, 2011 Packeteer commented on The Fiction of Aryan Purity.
Why not use an actual picture of Hitler instead of a picture of an actor who played him?
Dec 13, 2011 Packeteer commented on Belltown Assault After a Man "Defended His Ladies".
When the show prints are on the victims face you don't have the call them the suspect. You can call them the perpetrator.
Dec 13, 2011 Packeteer commented on Update: Louis C.K.'s Experiment.
Paypal made about as much money as he did and their costs were even lower than his. They might have profited more than he will from this whole thing.